Hidden Heart Hazards of Toxic Relationships

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No relationship is ever completely conflict-free. There are periods of bliss and periods of hardship, but that is the nature of having different self-interests. It shouldn't be a surprise that emotions have an effect on our heart: happiness provides a wide array of positive benefits for the heart, while negative emotions can actually increase the risk of developing heart diseases. Close personal relationships, whether romantic or friendly, can have negative effects on the heart if they are indeed "toxic."

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In a long-term study started in 1985, researchers followed a group of more than 10,000 subjects for over 12 years to study their relationship habits and health consequences thereafter. They found that subjects in overall negative relationships were at an increased risk of developing heart problems, including a fatal cardiac event, than subjects whose relationships were not overall negative.

Researchers also found that certain groups of people are more susceptive to experiencing negative close relationships; those groups include young adults, women, men whose jobs were considered of lower economic status, and people who were never married. Anxiety, worry, depression and stress (which are all normal emotions to have) can negatively impact your heart when those emotions stem from toxic relationships. The Cleveland Clinic says that stress-related anger and hostility can result in irregular heart rhythms, higher cholesterol and damage to your arteries.

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So, what are the signs that you or a loved on are in a toxic relationship? If your significant other is always on the receiving end instead of even give and take; if you do not feel emotionally or physically safe 100 percent of the time you are with them; if you feel drained after spending time with them; if there is a power shift to control the other; simply, if one partner feels worse about themselves after spending time with the other, it is probably a sign that the relationship is somewhat skewed.

Health-conscious individuals are on the rise, and it's important to remember that healthy relationships factor into a well-balanced life. Don't neglect any part of your health, whether it be physical or emotional. More often than not, the two go hand-in-hand.

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