Sumo Calf Raise

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Move Targets: Hamstrings, Quads and Glutes


Step 1: Using a pair of dumbbells, come into a wide stance with toes pointed out 45 degrees. This would be second position in ballet terms. Chest is lifted. Rest the dumbbells against your thighs.


Step 2: Drop the hips straight down, bending the knees. Let the dumbbells glide against the thighs as you drop. The knees stay behind the toes. If they go over, you need to widen your feet.


Step 3: Roll onto the balls of your feet, firing up the calf muscles. Keep the dumbbells against the top of the knees for resistance.


Step 4: Raise up to your standing position and drop the heels. In order to stand up, you'll need to activate the quads. Find a good tempo, staying 1 to 2 seconds in each position.

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