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We use it to prevent cavities and keep our breath smelling minty and fresh after brushing our teeth. You may be surprised to read that mouthwash can be used not just to make your teeth sparkle. Look below to find out how!


Heal bruises: You know how annoying it is to find bruises on your body that sometimes you don't even know how they got there. Well, if you're tired of those bruises, try rubbing a small amount of mouthwash over the affected area. If the bruise doesn't go away, it will at least make it a little smaller!

Relieve itching: There is sometimes not a whole lot we can do from being attacked by bugs and mosquitoes. And as we learned when we were young, itching only makes the bite worse. So the next time a mosquito decides to have some lunch or if you develop a skin rash due to poison ivy, try rubbing some mouthwash on the area to relieve the itching.

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Disinfect a cut: Not all of us have a giant bottle of hydrogen peroxide lying around the house. So if you happen to find a cut on your body and don't have time to run to the store to get some ointment, try dabbing mouthwash on a cotton ball and rubbing it on the cut. The chemicals and alcohol in the mouthwash can help eliminate bacteria. Just remember the process might sting a little, but it will be worth it!

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Remove dandruff: Having some dandruff issues and don't feel like paying extra for special shampoo treatment? Try using this method from Lifehacker to help eliminate any dandruff you might be having! Click here for instructions.

Help cure athlete's foot: Athlete's foot is a fungal infection affecting the areas between the toes. Yes it's gross, but it happens to the best of us. If this ever happens, apply some mouthwash to the affected area. After a few days you should see some results!

After-piercing care: Protocol for new piercings anywhere on your body is to use special disinfectant solution to prevent infection. It's common for the company that you got your piercing done by to provide you with some solution. If they happen to not provide you with anything or you ran out of the solution, try mouthwash instead. Similar to that cut on your hand, this can disinfect and help clean out the area in no time!

Toilet bowl cleaner: Your toilet is super dirty and you ran out of toilet bowl cleaner. Well, if you don't have time to run to the store, try pouring about a half cup of mouthwash into your toilet bowl and letting it sit for about 30 minutes or so. The chemicals and alcohol in the mouthwash can help eliminate any bacteria lingering in your toilet!


Odor-free laundry: Having trouble finding a laundry detergent that actually makes your laundry free of any odor? Try adding one cup of mouthwash into your next load of laundry. The antiseptic in the mouthwash will kill germs and leave your laundry smelling fresh and clean!

Toothbrush cleaner: If you leave your toothbrush sitting out all day in the bathroom, it's very likely that it could develop some bacteria on it. It's gross to think about, but the next time you brush your teeth, take your toothbrush and dab it in a cup of mouthwash before using. This can lower your fear of putting any unwanted bacteria in your mouth.

Treatment for plants: If you are looking for a way to eliminate some of the mildew and fungus on your plants, try mixing about 25 percent of mouthwash and 75 percent water together in a spray bottle. Spray your plants with this mixture once a week and it will leave your plants mildew-free!

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