Ultimate Playground Workout [VIDEO]

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How many days a week do you stop by the playground with your kids? Take full advantage of the park equipment. Bring a resistance band with you if you have one. Real Mom Model Amanda Strong demonstrates more than 20 exercises you can try while the kids play. You know you're allowed to go to the park without them, too!

Moves You'll See

Alternating Curb Taps: A quick cardio movement that will pump up your heart rate with a fast forward-backward switch of the feet. Click here for step-by-step instructions.


Atomic Pushups: With your feet in a swing, bring the knees to the chest, extend, perform a push up and reset. Click here for more instructions.


Bench Jumps: Begin in a wide stance and jump both feet entirely on the bench top, then step down. Big plyometric move! Click here for more info.


Bench Leg Raises: A core exercise you'll perform lying on your back, raising the legs up and down to work the lower belly muscles. See the move here.


Split Squat on Bench: A big booty burner using the elevation of a bench to intensify the work in your standing leg as you lunge. Here's how to do it.


Step Up with Knee Raise: A mix of strength and cardio that works the biggest muscles in your body: booty and legs! Click here for more info.


Assisted Boat Crunch: Use the bottom of a slide to assist your in-and-out crunch to tone the lower abs. Don't forget to breathe! Click here for instructions.


Calf Raises: A classic exercise intensified by elevation; find your balance by squeezing the core just as hard as those calves! Here's how.


Hanging Monkey Bar Crunch: Just hanging around? Tighten up those shoulders as you lift your legs to work your core against gravity. Click here for more info.


Hanging Side Crunch: Don't forget the obliques! Twist the knees to the side while keeping the chest square to the front. Click here for instructions.


Inverted Row: Work your upper back, chest and core against your own body weight as you lean back, holding onto a sturdy bar. Click here for more info.


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Jump Rope: For a healthy heart and strong abs, calves and bladder, whip out that jump rope on the asphalt using your wrists to rotate. Here are more instructions.


Line Jumps: Challenge your coordination and cardio endurance jumping up and over a flat line with your feet glued together. Here's some more info.


Plank Pendulum with Swing: Work the core from every angle by suspending your legs in a swing as they twist side to side. Check it out here!


Incline Push Ups: Wake up the chest and shoulders with controlled presses against a high bar or ladder rung. Squeeze the core! Here's how.


Chest Press with Resistance Band: Keep a band in your car so you can intensify any exercise like this one, exhaling as you press. Here are some more details.


Resistance Band Row: Find a sturdy pole to use as your anchor while you strengthen the chest and upper back. Click here for instructions.

RB-row Tricep Push Down: It looks simple, but this move escalates the burn quickly! Glue the elbows to your sides and push the band down. For more info, click here.


Tricep Kickbacks with Band: Cross the band over itself and keep the arms close to your sides as you kick them back. Here are step-by-step instructions.


Hamstring Curl on Swing: Try these in a TRX class or with a stability ball; keep the hips lifted and feet flexed at all times! Test it out here.


Tricep Dips: Think about how much the elbows are bending instead of how low the hips are dropping. Elbows go straight back. Here's more info!


Walking Lunge with Knee Raise: Use this as part of your warm up to prep the leg muscles; keep the 90-degree bend in both knees. Click here to see more info!


Amanda is wearing a black tank by Montiel and Alala mesh cobalt capris.

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