Redecorating This Summer? Choose Paint Colors to Boost Your Mood

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woman painting a room in her house

You know that bedroom you’ve wanted to paint for a few years? Or the bathroom in serious need of an design upgrade? This summer, it’s time to put on your painting clothes and tackle the home improvement projects you’ve been putting off. Before you get started, though, check out how these popular paint colors affect your mood to make sure you’ll love your finished product for years to come.


In places where you like to relax, like the bedroom or bathroom, painting the room with warm colors may make that a troublesome task. You may also want to skip your kitchen, too, since stimulating colors can produce feelings of hunger.

Red: The loudest of colors, red represents strength and power. It is the most stimulating color, but beware that it may get mixed reactions and mixed emotions. It can either increase a person’s energy and activity or cause him or her to be more irritable. In general, red appeals more to women than men and can increase libido as it stimulates the adrenal glands. Also, many fast food restaurants and shops utilize this bright hue to encourage impulse buying and promote feelings of hunger. So blame your shopping addiction on the color red, ladies!

red living room design

Pink: While pink is a shade of red, it doesn’t produce the same overpowering emotions. Lighter shades of pink, which we all know represent the color of love, can be used to create a calming effect. The brighter the shade, however, the more intensely stimulating the color will be. So if your daughter is dying for pops of pink in her bedroom, try lighter shades or use small decorative elements to make sure she’s not wired at bedtime.

Orange: This color’s bright nature helps our eyes positively receive it. It makes people feel more confident, refreshed and young. Orange may also boost your sex drive, but men are more drawn to it than women.

Yellow: Yellow is the color of energy and is often used to enhance memory and concentration. Beware, though, because too much of this sunshiney color can actually make you feel tired or dull since it's the most irritating on the eyes. When you see yellow, your eyes feel heavier, making you feel tired. It may be best served by using accents of yellow rather than coating your entire house in “Sunflower Fields.”

yellow paint


Cool colors are naturally relaxing, but you don’t want your guests dozing off during a dinner party. In social spaces of your home like the living room or your child’s playroom, use cool paints with caution and be sure to incorporate stimulating colors.

Green: If you want to create a relaxing, earthy environment, decorating with green can help you feel at peace with nature. It is the color of balance and can actually help you de-stress and slow your breathing. The downside? Too much of nature’s color can make you a bit lazy.

Blue: While you may think of blue as the color of sadness, your body is actually calmed by seeing this cool color. It may remind you of sunny skies or of the sea’s relaxing waves, which may be why it's best for warding off insomnia and allowing for quality sleep. The color blue can also curb your appetite: Blueberries are the only food naturally blue in color and our brains actually see blue food as inedible.

blue living room interior paint

Purple: Seeing purple in our everyday lives is rare, which may be why it's known as the color of royalty and sophistication. It is also associated with creativity and spirituality and is capable of producing calming effects by lowering feelings of fear or anxiety. So you may have a home fit for a queen after adding purple to your color scheme.


Beige and Gray: These neutral hues are two of the most popular colors for interior paint since they blend well with others and allow you to redecorate frequently. Too much of these, though, limits your home’s personality potential. Beiges and grays are great for creating a clean, serene space — but be sure to brighten them up with mood-boosting colors.

White: Often, we see white walls as dull or plain, but accompanied with pops of colored decor, it can make a room feel clean and pure. If you are renting your home or you don’t want to paint, don’t worry. Utilizing white can create a modern, chic feel and you’re free to play with both stimulating and relaxing colors to create the best mood for your space!

white living room design

What paint projects are you tackling this summer? Make sure you're happy with the color you choose and make sure the color makes you happy, too.