Supported Headstand

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Supported Headstand

Move Targets: Core


Watch Real Mom Model Jean Sherfick show you how to get into this pose.

Step 1:  Come to a kneeling or low squatting position with your head tucked and elbows in a triangle on the floor. You can clasp the hands together or create fists with both. Keeping the knees close to the chest, slowly roll forward, lifting the feet off the floor until the spine is straight up and down. The legs stay together for better control

Supported Headstand 1

Step 2: Open the hinge of your hips by slowly lifting the thighs up and away from the chest. Keep the knees bent for counter balance. If you're wobbling at this point, lower the legs until your find your balance again.

Supported Headstand 2

Step 3: Straight the legs over the hips. Think of making yourself long and tall, pressing your feet against the ceiling. You can point or flex them. Hold this pose for a few breaths, then tuck the knees into the chest and reverse your path until the feet are on the floor.

Supported Headstand 3

To Exit: If at any point, you feel like you've lost your balance, first protect the neck. Tuck the chin into the chest and roll out of it like a somersault. If you're falling to the side, flex the feet and curl the toes underneath to catch you. This is an advanced pose, so please have a spotter with you if you're attempting it for the first time.

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