Top 10 Excuses People Use to Avoid Working Out

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We know that there isn't always time to get to the gym and on occasion, you just don't feel like going. But you can't let life keep getting in the way. Next time you consider skipping out on your after-work cardio, rethink your reasons and make sure you aren't making excuses.

You are way too busy. This is easily the most common excuse among parents. It's all about prioritizing. Yes, this weeks episode of The Bachelorette looked REALLY good, but not as good as avoiding a heart attack before you're 60. Spend less time lying in bed catching up on celebrity Instagrams and go for an early morning jog. You can easily go a mile or more in 20 minutes! It's a much more productive way to start your day.

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You don't know how to exercise. Everyone has to start somewhere. You can hire a personal trainer to show you the ropes, but if that's not in the budget, you can just join a gym that has a knowledgeable enough staff to answer your questions. Still not what you're looking to hear? You're in luck. You've just stumbled upon a website filled with tons of great information on health and fitness. Check out our Fitness Index for step-by-step instructions to hundreds of fitness moves.

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You can't afford a gym membership. Sorry to burst your bubble, but you don't need one. Even if you'll buy nothing but a new sports bra, you can work out for free. You can walk through your neighborhood, hike in a local park or Youtube some fitness videos, all completely free! You can even pull out your old Richard Simmons tapes, we don't care. Plus we have tons of free exercises and workout videos on our site just waiting for you to try out.

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You've got a headache. That excuse may work on your husband, but not the gym. The only person you're holding back here is yourself. Take an aspirin if your headache is real and make sure you're getting plenty of water. Let the endorphins you release from your workout be your aches and pain cure-all!

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You're too tired. Working out actually gives you a boost of energy, thanks to the hormones it releases. An active lifestyle and healthy eating are known to give you more daily energy, so really, if you're complaining of being tired, working out is the solution, not the problem. Plus, think about how great your bed will feel after a good workout!

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You're too old. Too old to work out? We aren't asking you to run an Iron Man. Believe it or not, working out improves your health and being healthy is one of the best ways to ensure you actually get old. Working out helps to prevent muscle loss, which prevents falls (aka breaking your hip like Grandma did). There are lots of professional trainers who have experience working with older people, so get off the couch!

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You're too out of shape. No one at the gym is going to give you judgmental glances for breathing heavy on the treadmill like they would if you were going back for a second dessert. In fact, the best way to improve your fitness is by practicing fitness. It's important to remember not to push yourself past your limits. Just because you aren't in killer shape yet doesn't mean you won't get there, so don't push yourself too hard only to be disappointed with the results. If you're still too self-conscious for the gym, try working out at home. You can use a fitness DVD or try out some Skinny Mom workout videos.

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It's not fun. As adults, we have to do a lot of things we don't enjoy, such as taxes and meals with the in-laws, and we think running is far less painful. Find something at the gym you do enjoy. Test out a Zumba or cycling class and consider bringing along a friend to make it better. You can make the elliptical more exciting by setting up your iPad and watching an episode of your favorite TV show.

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You can't get away from the kids. If waking up early to work out just isn't an option for you, there are lots of gyms that have child care, and if that doesn't work for you either, you can incorporate the kids into your home workouts. Have them dance along to a Zumba DVD, lift small weights with you or have them count your repetitions. Not only will you get to spend a little more time together, but you'll be teaching them healthy habits while you create your own.

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You never see results. Probably the lamest excuse on the list. Why? Well you certainly won't get results by NOT exercising. If you haven't seen a change in your body from exercising its either A: You aren't exercising regularly, B: You are eating unhealthy foods that cost more calories than you're burning, or C: You are expecting results too soon. If you haven't lost your first five pounds, are still feeling sluggish or haven't seen any muscle toning, just keep trying. Find a workout that challenges you and stick to it. That, plus a healthy diet, will give you the results your looking for. Getting frustrated by lack of results won't get you anywhere.

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