Get It Right, Get It Tight: Kettlebell Goblet Squat

| Fitness

Move Targets: Glutes and Quads

goblet squat kettlebell


Step 1: Stand with feet as wide as your shoulders and turn out the feet about an inch. Hold your kettlebell right underneath your chin, gripping it with both hands. Tuck the elbows in and lift the chest.

kettlebell goblet squat

Step 2: Bend at the hips, sending them backward then down. The knees bend in response, staying behind the toes. Elbows are in and the chest remains lifted. Bring the hips down past the knees to break the 90-degree line.

kettlebell goblet squat

Step 3: Push up by driving through the heels. Complete the move by bringing the hips forward to straighten the body. If you feel pressure in the lower back, go lighter in your weight or drop it.

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