Kettlebell Figure 8

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Move Targets: Glutes, Quads and Upper Back


Step 1: Bend the knees and hold the kettlebell off the floor, centered between the legs. Your feet should be about shoulder-width. Pull the belly button into the spine and lift the chest to protect your back.

KB Figure 8

Step 2: Staying low, pass the kettlebell behind one leg and grab it with your other hand. Keep the same amount of weight in both feet and your hips square.

KB Figure 8

Step 3: Bring the kettlebell around to the front of the body, passing it through the center and behind the opposite leg.

KB Figure 8

Step 4: As you pass it behind the opposite leg, grab it with the other hand. Perform this move as fast or slow as you want. Don't round the back!

KB Figure 8

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