Kettlebell Sit-Up and Press

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KB Sit Up Press Grouped

Move Targets: Core and Upper Back


Step 1: Begin by lying down on your back with your knees bent, heels digging into the floor and feet flexed. If you have neck issues, relax the head on the floor. Hold the kettlebell to your chest.

KB Sit Up Press

Step 2: Keeping your legs and feet glued together, roll the spine off the floor and come up to a sitting position as you press the kettlebell overhead. Stick the chest out at the top of the movement to make sure you get completely vertical.

KB Sit Up Press

Step 3: Roll the spine back to the floor as you bring the kettlebell into the chest. If you find your feet are coming off the floor, try tucking them under a heavy pair of dumbells or the couch to anchor you.

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