Best Warm-Weather Workout Gear for Your Sweaty Summer Workouts

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Don't let the warm weather keep you from going on a nice jog around the neighborhood. Light and cooling activewear is all you need when it's a little toasty outside. Check out some of these activewear options that are breathable and easy to move around in!

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Nike Dri-FIT Tempo Track Shorts: These Dri-FIT fabric shorts draw in the moisture and replicate a cooling effect to keep your body temperature from skyrocketing! Only $30 online, they are comfortable and machine washable.

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(Photo: Macy's)

Under Armour 'Fly By' Tank: "Fly by" during your workout for only $29.99 with this lightweight, racerback Under Armour tank top. The moisture-wicking material keeps your sweat under control and air circulating throughout your clothing!

Photo Credit: Nordstrom
(Photo: Nordstrom)

Nike Pro Dri-FIT Tank: Keep your upper torso cool with this swoop neck, pullover Nike Pro tank top. This fitted tank is machine washable and comes in a variety of colors. Check it out online for only $28!

Photo Credit: Aanewtops
(Photo: Aanewtops)

Zella Fitness Liner Socks: Keeping your feet cool is just as important as keeping your upper torso cool! These Zella fitness liner socks are breathable and low cut for a desirable lightweight feeling in your feet. They come in packs of three and are a total of $24. Click here to purchase them online.

Photo Credit: Nordstrom
(Photo: Nordstrom)

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Donna Karen Intimates Underwire Sports Bra: Support the girls with Donna Karen's underwire sports bra! Designed for maximum comfort and high performance, this bra is structured to support your boobs and keep them dry during any activity. Click here to purchase this bra for $54.

Photo Credit: Nordstrom
(Photo: Nordstrom)

Calvin Klein Performance Active Capri Leggings: Don't think you can't whip out a pair of workout leggings on a warm day. These Calvin Klein active capri leggings are made out of moisture-wicking fabric and are a skinny fit on your waist and legs. Click here to purchase them for just under $35!

Photo Credit: Macy's
(Photo: Macy's)

Nike 'Feather Light 2.0' Dri-FIT Visor: Protecting your face from the sun on a hot summer day is important when keeping your body cool. This sweat-wicking visor is designed to shade your face and vent excess heat, not to mention it comes in five fabulous different color options! Click here to check it out for only $22.

Photo Credit: Nordstrom
(Photo: Nordstrom)

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