Why Colon Cancer Is Affecting More Women

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When we think of cancer, we would like to relate it to the word cured or disappeared. However, the sad reality is that cancer has crawled into so many lives causing a devastating bump along the long road we call life. Even if cancer is something you haven't experienced in your life, it doesn't mean it should slip your mind. One cancer, out of the many types that are out there, we should start taking more into consideration is colon cancer. When we think of colon cancer, we may think of it as a disease that can only occur when we are older. Well the truth is, colon cancer is becoming a huge problem for women under age 50.

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Your colon can be an uncomfortable subject to talk about. No one really wants to go to their doctor and discuss bowel problems they might be having. However, it could save your life if you do start talking. According to an article in Women's Health Magazine, young adults who are diagnosed with colon cancer tend to have an aggressive case. This is due to people being previously misdiagnosed or catching the cancer too late. When you're young and have bowel issues, you don't tend to relate it to colon cancer right away because it is normally found in people who are above the age of 50. Although it's still uncertain as to why colon cancer is beginning to develop at younger ages, experts have begun to study the matter thoroughly.

America is full of young professionals with hectic lives and stressful workdays. That stress can lead to poor eating and lack of exercise. Even though it may not seem like a big deal to miss one or two days of working out during the week, it's important to stay on track with your nutrition and body. According to Women's Health Magazine, up to 11 percent of colon cancer cases have been tied to people overweight or with obese BMIs. It is also important to remember that those who smoke are 25 percent more likely to die of colon cancer than those who don't smoke. This ties along with drinking as well. People who drink one to three drinks daily are 21 percent more likely to develop the disease.

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So, what can you do to help prevent this disease? Women's Health Magazine gives four suggestions to help prevent your body from being a victim of colon cancer.

  • First, load up on produce. Along with all fruits and veggies, it is recommended to eat artichokes, apples, and pears because they are filled with gut-protective fiber.
  • Second, lay off the red meat. It can raise risk of colon cancer at least 30 percent if eaten daily, so scale it down to 18 ounces a week and make sure you don't eat any processed meats.
  • Third, become a lover of spices. Curcumin specifically, is recommended because research has shown that it helps prevent the slow growth of malignancies.
  • Finally, do not skip out on dairy products. Eating low-fat milk, cheese, and yogurt is important to obtain because calcium and vitamin D have been known to fight off colorectal-cancer.

Just remember, no one is invincible. If you have any symptoms of colon cancer, talk to your doctor and see if it is necessary to receive a colonoscopy. Cancer can happen to anyone and if you don't follow a healthy lifestyle, you are putting yourself at risk.

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