Your Ultimate Guide to Outdoor Fitness

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Tap into your adventurous spirit this summer and get a kick-butt workout at the same time. With this fresh perspective on fitness, your inner explorer will roam wild and free! From running through a hedge maze to trying stand-up paddling, you'll breathe fresh air into your lungs while tightening your bod. Make sure to stay on track and outside for our 31 Days of Active Challenge coming in July!

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Raft on a river. Whitewater rafting is a surefire way to tone your upper body. The Salmon River in Idaho, the Gauley River in West Virginia, or the Colorado River in Arizona all have beginner-level rafting for the whole family.

Walk or run on the sand. Walking on sand burns up to 2.7 times more calories than walking the same speed on a hard surface. Saddle up next to the waves and enjoy a leg burn.

Kayak to meet wildlife. See manatees, dolphins and egrets up close and personal. Kayaking for one hour can burn upwards of 350 calories! Strap your little one in a life vest and hear his squeals of joy as he meets exotic animals from all over.

Hike a trail. It doesn't need to be a part of the Appalachian Trail or the Pacific Crest Trail; in fact it could be in your very own backyard! But choose a trail that adds some adventure, and some burn! Park City, Utah has over 400 miles of trails. The Red River Gorge in Kentucky has an abundance of trails, ranging from easy to difficult.

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Climb a tree. You know that your kids are monkeys, but are you? Try it out and see the world from a different vantage point!

See a sunrise. Crush your calves and hike your booty up to a high vantage point. Greet the new day before anyone else, and then keep hiking after the sun rises!

Try paddle boarding. Head to your local rental shop on the lake and learn to be a master of your board. Keep your core as tight as possible; it'll be a phenomenal workout, even on the calmest waters.

Do yoga outside. Truly become a Zen master by sinking your toes into the dirt, sand, grass or mud. Keep your practice grounded.

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Run through a maze. Grab the whole family and head for one of those landscaped labyrinths. It could be a hedge maze, a cornfield maze or an indoor labyrinth. At 40 acres, Cool Patch Pumpkins in Dixon, California is the largest corn maze in the world! And don't worry, "The Shining" is only a movie.

Go on an actual coffee run. Live up to the phrase and throw on your running shoes! Make sure to drink water while you're there too, not just coffee.

Climb rocks. Even with no experience in rock climbing, you can still sign up for full-day group clinics where guides teach you everything you need to know! There are numerous rock-climbing hotbeds in the U.S. (Red River Gorge, Yosemite, and Moab to name a few).

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Go to an amusement park. In addition to being a screaming good time and an all-day event, amusement parks are often so big that you walk a couple miles around the whole place. Cedar Point in Ohio, Six Flags Magic Mountain in California and Walt Disney World in Florida are a few big ones that come to mind.

Take a dip in a water oasis. Find a local watering hole or waterfall that allows swimming. Swimming is a total-body workout and excellent cardio. If you have fins, take them with you! Swimming with fins can tone your thighs and butt more than swimming without them.

Play a round of golf. It can even be mini golf to include the kids. An hour of putting around can burn over 200 calories.

Mountain bike. Most mountain bike routes will take you to iconic views and breathtaking landscapes. Or, have you heard of fat biking?

Canoe a river. Pack a picnic and make it a leisurely family adventure. Singing "Just Around the Riverbend" is optional but advised.

Go caving. Or spelunking, as it is known in Canada. Explore historic cave systems while you venture into the deep, dark depths of the earth. Mammoth Cave National Park in Kentucky is the world's longest known cave system, with 400 miles of it explored.

Become an archer. When pulling back on the bow and focusing in on the target, your core tightens significantly. Hello, abs! You'll feel like a rebel, but the only thing you'll be hunting is a rocking bod.

Go to an outdoor concert. Wander around the venue, shop in some booths and dance the night away.

Run in the rain. Summer showers pop up faster than you can tie your laces. Take advantage of nature's water cycle and get a lovely cool-off during your run. Plus, doing anything in the rain sounds sexy and exhilarating.

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