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If you're the mother of a child still in diapers, then you probably have a good amount of baby wipes lying around the house. Baby wipes are essential when changing your child's diaper, but what if they could be used for more than just a diaper change? Check out these household hacks for baby wipes!

baby wipes

Makeup remover: Ugh, we have all felt the struggle of washing your face before you go to bed to remove all that makeup. Next time, consider using baby wipes. They are great for sensitive skin and typically run around only $5 per package!

Stain remover: Have you ever considered using baby wipes to get rid of a stain? Well, if you get something on your clothes or the carpet, a little rub of a baby wipe on the surface might just rid of the stain easy and quick.

Duster: No one likes a dusty house. If you don't have any more Swiffer® pads or dust cleaner, try wiping down your tables and shelves with a baby wipe. It will make your furniture dust-free in no time!


Re-use as dust cloths: Don't think you have to throw away your baby wipe after dusting around the house once. A baby wipe can actually be great to reuse a few times, so it can save you money!

Leather sofa cleaner: If you don't have leather cleaner handy for your couch, a baby wipe is a great alternative to help bring out the shine in your furniture.

Spiff up your leather shoes: If you can use baby wipes on leather furniture, you can use it on your leather shoes too! It's quick and easy to get dirt and grime off your cute pair of leather boots.

Get rid of deodorant marks: The worst is putting on a shirt and realizing that it has multiple white lines from your deodorant. Sometimes even water doesn't get a deodorant stain out, so the next time you find yourself in a bind with deodorant on your shirt, try rubbing a baby wipe over it. It will remove the stain without any wet spots!

Clean your kid's toys: Your kid's plastic toys can get dirty and sticky in an instant. An easy way to fix this problem is by using a baby wipe to quickly clean off those dirty toys!


Wipe down remote controls: Remote controls are known to be one of the dirtiest and germiest surfaces in the home. There's nothing easier than taking a baby wipe to clean any dirt that may be on a remote control.

Get rid of excess nail polish: Baby wipes are a great tool when you give yourself a mani-pedi. Having wipes around can freshen up any mistakes you've made while painting your nails.

Get rid of hair dye stains: Take a baby wipe and rub it over your neck and hairline where your hair dye left a stain. That should remove any evidence in no time!

Temporary sunburn soother: Sometimes we don't get so lucky after a long day in the sun. Even when you put on sunscreen and reapply, sunburn can still creep onto your skin. The next time you find yourself in need of some temporary relief, gently rub a baby wipe on the affected area.

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Keyboard cleaner: It happens to all of us; dust and crumbs love to sneak in between computer keys. The next time you find your keyboard a little dirtier than usual, try wiping it down with a baby wipe!


Bathroom sink buffer: An easy way to get leftover toothpaste and dirt out of your sink is to wipe it down with a baby wipe. It's perfect for when you want to do a quick clean!

After meal clean-up: After reading these hacks you might have come to notice that baby wipes are a great cleaning tool. So the next time your child makes a mess at the table, quickly tidy up using a baby wipe.

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