Summer of Sexy: How to Get Your Sexy Back This Summer

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We wait all year to bask in these couple months of sun, smiles, and savory summer food, and yet it seems like when the season finally rolls around we find ourselves instead caught up in a whirlwind of errands, family responsibilities and work. What little time we get to ourselves is often spent crashed on the couch, desperately wishing we had the energy to throw on that little black dress and hit the town with the girls. Well, ladies, no more excuses! We've compiled a list of warm-weather activities that will spice up your life and give you that sexy edge that summer is all about.

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Take a dip in a hot tub: There is little else that feels more cleansing or sensual than slipping into the frothing foam of a hot tub or bath. Take a load off one of these nights with a chilled glass of wine, your favorite summer suit, and some good company!

Explore an amusement park: Feeling like a teenager in love again may be just what you need to break out of the parent slump and reignite the flame between you and your hubby! A romantic round on the ferris wheel or a heart-pounding plummet from the highest roller coaster will help you rediscover your youth in no time!

Bar hop with the babes: We don't encourage dwelling in the past, but reliving one of your rowdy girls' nights out is the perfect way to ditch the stress and enjoy some time with the girls. Plus, it gives you the opportunity to show off that hot summer body you've been working on!

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Relax at the spa: A couple hours at your favorite spa will give you the opportunity to be massaged, exfoliated, and pampered to perfection! Not only will you feel that summer stress fall right off you, but you will leave feeling like a new woman! No time to leave the house? Try these 7 Ways to Have a Spa Day at Home!

Book a room at a hotel: Nothing feels sexier than those silky white robes and satin sheets, so indulge a little and give yourself a night away from the baseball tournaments and bills! A little room service never hurt anyone, either! Learn how a hotel can add spice to any marriage by clicking here!

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Hit up a casino: If you've got a little pocket change to spare, then a night at the local casino is the perfect way to blow off some steam and get your adrenaline flowing! One lucky hand is all it takes to get you feeling like you're 21 all over again. For the perfect night of fun, just remember to keep those bets low and your spirits high, rather than vice versa!

Take a spontaneous road trip: Dig through those old boxes and find your cheesiest mix tape, ladies, because it's time to hit the road! Gather your friends for a quick weekend out of town, because nothing is as invigorating as a trip down memory lane! Check out that vineyard you've been reading about, or make an entrance at a Broadway show for an adventure that is sure to put the spring back in your step.

Discover a new exercise class: Falling into the same old workout routine day after day can definitely kill your motivation and your confidence. Mix things up and try something new to boost your self esteem and get your body moving in new ways! Want to get in touch with your femininity? Check out belly dancing or pole dancing for a workout that will have you feeling sleek and sexy in no time!

Learn a new skill: Nothing makes a man feel more like a hero than when he can teach his woman something new, and you'll be shocked by how much pleasure it gives you, too! Let him show you the ropes when it comes to a lazy afternoon of fishing (you can always work on that perfect summer glow while you're at it). Chances are, you will be richly rewarded come nighttime!

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Camp out under the stars: Mosquitoes aside, cuddling with your partner beside a smoldering fire, away from the hustle and bustle of your daily life is the perfect way to reignite the spark! There's nothing more relaxing or romantic than complete isolation and a sparkling sky of stars!

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Spicing up your summer is just as important for your health as diet and exercise. Remember to treat yourself during these steamy months! For even more sexy summer activities, check out our sources here: Cosmopolitan, Redbook Magazine, The Dating Divas.