Chest Press with TRX

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Move Targets: Chest, Triceps and Core


Step 1: Grab the TRX handles with an overhand grip and allow the straps to run above the arms and shoulders. Straighten the straps and your arms. Stand with feet about hip-width apart or wider for good stability. You'll already lean slightly into the straps. Lock the core and maintain a straight line with your body.


Step 2: Lean into the straps, allowing your chest to come to the hands as the elbows bend. Your elbows will point out to the side while the hands stay close to your side. Notice how Jean comes up on the balls of her feet, really pushing her weight into the straps.


Step 3: Exhale and push yourself back to the standing position. If the press is too difficult, walk your feet forward a few inches until it becomes manageable.

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