12 Extreme Exercises to Add to Your Fitness Routine

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These exercises are not for the faint of heart. If you’re adventurous, creative and competitive with your fitness, you will love experimenting with these. For beginner exercisers, please excuse the insanity. There might be a few you can’t do just yet, but work up to it. Try these out with a friend to make it fun!

Rope or pole climbs: Get a tough shoulder workout by utilizing a static pole or a rope. Move up by gripping hand over hand. Bend your knees and secure your feet like the woman in the photo below. She's going to take the rope over the left toes and under the right sole and push her body up until she can regrip higher. You can also begin by lying on the floor and pulling yourself up to standing.

(Photo: Body Building)

Wall walks: On the topic of shoulders, you can really burn them up with this exercise. Begin in a plank with your feet against a wall. Start by walking the feet up the wall, inching your hands in closer and closer as you go. Eventually, you'll want to get your nose to the wall. Walk it back out again to complete the rep. Add some shoulder taps to it once you get as close to the wall as you can.

(Photo: Bare Bones CrossFit)

Stop, drop and roll: This move will cause a cardio firestorm. Begin by jogging in place or doing a high knee run. Drop down to the floor quickly so you're in a plank, then roll your body over until you're in a plank again and perform one pushup. Just as quickly, roll back to the other side and perform a second pushup. Jump up to your feet and resume the jog or run. You can thank David Jack, owner of ActivPrayer in Phoenix, Arizona for this one. Watch it here.

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Pike Roll Out with Stability Ball — Demand more from your core and balance. Come into a high plank with your feet together on top of a stability ball. Drop backward aiming your nose to the floor, then push into the ball as you roll forward, sending your hips up into the air. Your weight shifts into your hands. Reach your peak then roll back out again.

(Photo: Women's Health Mag)

Hanging Leg Raise (Toes to Bar): Give your lats some love while you work the core. Hang from a pull-up bar or the monkey bars for this one. Pull the shoulders down and in so you're not sagging from them. Push away from the bar and swing your legs up until they kick it. If that's too hard, bend your legs and bring your knees into your chest or elbows.

Toes to Bar
(Photo: CrossFit)

Hanging Wipers: In line with the hanging leg raise or toes to bar, you'll hang from the bar to start. Lean back as you raise the legs. Move them side to side like windshield wipers. You can try this one on the ground by sitting on the edge of a box or bench, propped up on your elbows.

L Sit: For true lower belly strength, the L sit can gauge your power. You can do this on the floor or elevate yourself with two sturdy boxes or bars on either side of you. Bring them in close  so your hands are right next to your hips. If you're sitting with your legs straight out in front of you, push your hips off the ground, shift the tailbone backward through the arms and lift your legs. Hold it here as long as you can. Try this one with higher boxes so your legs can drop lower as you build your strength.

(Photo: Photo by 12 Minute Athlete)

Standing Wheel Roll Out: You'll need one of those ab wheel contraptions to test this one. The exercise is performed exactly how it's named: stand, bend over and place the wheel on the ground, roll out until you're in a plank and roll back, lifting up to stand. Work your way up to it by practicing the stability roll on on your toes or knees first, as you see Skinny Mom's Brooke Griffin do here.


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Knee Slap Pushups: Add some plyometric power and pull by throwing in a slap. You'll perform your pushup, then simultaneously jump the feet in toward the hands in a wide stance and slapping your hands to the knees. Want to see what this looks like? Click here for a demonstration by Real Mom Model Holly.

Archer Pull-Ups or Pushups: Somewhere, someone felt like regular pushups and pull-ups weren't enough. The Archer pull or push is performed when the body is pulled into one arm as the other extends. Practicing these will strengthen your core, lats and improve your overall stability. If you don't have a pull-up, you can still try it by using a band from the bar to your foot to assist your lift. Learn it here.

Skin the Cat: You totally did this move as a kid, but didn't realize it. Again, you'll need a sturdy bar or some hanging rings. Grab the bar with your knuckles facing you and kick the legs up, tucking the knees to the chest as you roll the body backward. Roll back as far as you can, eventually straightening the legs in a vertical position. Tuck and roll back to the starting point.

(Photo: Pinterest)

Shrimp squat: Easier on the ankles than the pistol or single leg squat, the shrimp squat still requires outstanding balance and flexibility. Pull one leg behind you, knee-to-butt, like you're doing a quad stretch. Hold the other arm out to the side for balance as you slowly lower yourself down. Keep the weight in your heel so you're not tempted to roll into your toes. Check out the tutorial here.

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