7 Ways to Refresh Your Workout

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Running through the motions at the gym may be convenient and save you the time and energy of exploring new options, but moving through the same moves and neglecting to try different workouts can actually be detrimental to your fitness goals! According to Evolution Health, repetitive exercise routines can lead to a variety of problems ranging from stiffness and soreness, to lack of mobility, overall diminished performance, and even some pretty serious injuries like damaged disks and cartilage deterioration! Not to mention, boredom can be a pretty big deterrent, and the last thing we want is for you want is to lose your motivation! The next time you find yourself dreading your workout, take a look at this list for some fresh, exciting ideas!

jump rope fitness warm up

Revamp your warm up. Starting off your workout with a stale couple minutes chugging away on a treadmill will probably not do much for you in terms of getting you pumped and ready to go. Pick a piece of equipment you’ve never tried before, grab a jump rope, or go at a punching bag for a couple minutes instead! Ready to get your heart pumping? Check out this 7-minute total body cardio warm-up here!

Try out a trainer. Hiring a personal trainer, even if it is just for a session or two, may give you some great insight into areas that you can improve on and variations that will add a little heat to your next session at the gym! If your budget is tight, try inviting a friend along who has some experience and can help you mix up your routine.

Renovate your wardrobe. How you feel about yourself when you step into the gym or your next exercise class will go a long way in impacting how that workout goes. If you’re used to wearing that exhausted ratty T-shirt from college and yoga pants, it may be time to invest in some special attire. A different look will have you feeling fresh, fly and recharged in no time! For some of our favorite summer workout gear, click here!

woman hiking

Escape your environment. A change of scenery is a surefire way to get out of your slump and add a little excitement to your next workout. If you’re used to hitting the gym, try ditching those weights for a day and explore the nearest nature preserve! If an outdoor jog isn't your thing, take some time and sample one of the heart-pumping Zumba classes at your local gym.

Reverse your routine. Muscle confusion is a great way to keep your body guessing and your mind alert during your workout. Even if you are sticking with the same moves, switching up the order can go a long way in giving you a fresh perspective on your body. Instead of knocking out your favorite moves first, try powering through your weakest exercises first and using the last part of your workout to revel in the things you enjoy!

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Discover a new diet. We all know that what we eat heavily impacts our energy levels, so if you find that you are dragging during your workout, it might be time to spice up your relationship with food! Take a couple days and add some new foods to your diet. Maybe there’s a new detox or cleanse you’ve been waiting to try, or some metabolism-boosting snacks you’ve bookmarked that haven’t made their way into your kitchen! Diet and exercise are intrinsically linked, so making a change in one can lead to positive changes in the other.

belly dance class

Step out of your comfort zone. There are hundreds of choices when it comes to exotic and foreign classes and studios, and the options can often be so overwhelming that we tend to stick with what we know rather than branch out. Next time you find yourself struggling to get off the couch, grab a friend and brave out one of those latest trends you read about online! Belly dancing, Tabata, and barre classes are only some of the possibilities when it comes to having a blast, and blasting some serious calories!

Motivation is as much mental as it is physical – if your mind is lagging behind, then there’s not much you're going to be able to do physically to overcome that lack of momentum! Even the smallest change can help you get your energy and excitement back into your workouts, so don’t be afraid to sample new things! For more information, check out our sources: Men’s Health, Evolution Health, Business Insider, PopSugar.