Wear the Best Socks to Have Your Best Workout

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There is quite a bit of information out there regarding the best shoes, even sports bras, to wear during your workouts. Neon colors, strappy backs, sweet logos all take spots at the top of the list. All the way down at the bottom, in the shadows of trends, are your socks. Would you ever run or lift without them? Of course not! It's so easy to take advantage of them, and if you really think about it, you do have a sock preference. Socks not only protect the foot from blisters. Socks work a few jobs for the feet: assist in support, keep the 250,000 sweat glands chilled out, balance your own self-produced fungi and are totally capable of making a statement. Take a peek at the contenders of the top drawer:

Bridgedale Women's CoolFusion Run Speed Diva Socks, $11: A pair of these is designed to ventilate the foot while you work and offer anti-compression cushioning where you get the most contact. Get yours here.

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The North Face Arnuva Running Quarter, $15: Wisely created with a drying material to keep moisture and blisters out of sight, the Arnuva sock is also structured with spandex for a custom fit. Notice the crazy spider web lines along the arch, designed to support it and cushion it. Get yours here.

(Photo: The North Face)

Brooks Gossamer Ped Socks, $6: This pair is "cool" because it hits below the ankle. It also offers cushion in the heel and ball of the foot as well as a "linetoe" over the knuckles to protect them from friction of running. Even if you're not a runner, it can keep up with your quick movements and sweaty aspirations. Get them here.

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Women's PhD Snowboard Light Socks, $24: When you're conquering the snow, the last thing you want is cold toes inside your super thick boots. Keep your toes toasty while allowing the pores of your foot to actually breathe. Snag 'em here.

snowboard socks
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Keen Women's Springbok Ultralite No Show Tab, $12: If you struggle with telling your right from your left, these socks can help. They come with a supported heel cup and tabs for extra protection, no matter what you're doing. Pick them up here.

(Photo: Keen)

Women's ELITE Sock by Pearl iZUMi, $12: Cycling gals, this sock is calling your name. (So is a foot massage, which you can do for yourself by clicking here.) Streamlined for a tight grip around the entire foot, it keeps you feeling supported, cool and bunch-free. Check it out here.

Pearl iZUMi
(Photo: Pearl iZUMi)

Half Toe Bella Grip Socks by Toe Socks, $16: Why go barefoot when you can take advantage of a non-slip grip and still show off your pedicure? Not only are they made of organic cotton, but designed to help you be your most organic through Pilates, barre and yoga workouts. You know you want to, so get them here.

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