3-Legged Knee Twist

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Move Targets: Core and Triceps/Shoulders


Step 1: Get into your downward dog by first coming into your high plank. Push the hips back, pressing into your heels until you reach your downward dog. Lift one leg high. Look to your belly button.


Step 2: Pull the leg into the body by bending the knee and bracing the core. Do not let the leg touch the floor on the way to the outside elbow. You'll have the same-side elbow and knee meet first. Keep your hips down and your shoulder blades nicely rounded for stabilization.


Step 3: Slightly rotate the hips as the knee crosses underneath the body and taps the other elbow. Really squeeze the obliques and find balance in the arms through the triceps. Extend the leg out and return it to the 3-legged downward dog position to begin a second rep.


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