50 Free Summer Activities You Can Do With Your Kids

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Are you tired of having to spend a bunch of money to keep your kids occupied this summer? Sure, the occasional trip to a pool or amusement park can be fun, but if you don't have a pass, the admission can add up. Check out these 50 activities that are fun for you and your kids to enjoy, while allowing you to save some cash in your pocket!

playful family

Have a lemonade stand: A lemonade stand is a fun way to teach your kids a little business. Get them excited to make some cash and reach a goal!

Go to the creek: Put on your rain boots and take your family to the creek for some exploring! An easy way take advantage of the outdoors to search for frogs and fish.

Stargaze with a homemade telescope: Interested in exposing your kids to some astronomy? Get them excited by creating a homemade telescope before the stars come out!

Paint a rock garden: Put away the easel and have your children paint on rocks. When your done place the completed rocks together to view the final project.

Make homemade play dough: Skip buying expensive play dough and create your own with your kids! Click here to view how to make it.

Design a coloring book: There's no better coloring book than your own! Go online and have your kids choose their favorite templates to print out for them to color. Click here for templates by Crayola.

Camp in your backyard: Set up a tent in your backyard on a warm summer night so your kids can enjoy a camping experience only a few feet from the house!

family camping

Create a scrapbook: Scrapbooking is a perfect way for your children to embrace their creativity! Give them some old photos, paper, and glue to show them how to create a book full of memories.

Take a trip to the library: Visit the library with your kids to find new books for you and your family to read! Not to mention it helps keep their brains focused throughout the summer.

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Build a fort: Get creative with your kids using pillows, blankets, and chairs to build the ultimate fort in your living room!

Have a picnic: Picnics are a wonderful opportunity to get the your children cooking and spend some time outside. If it's in the park or in your backyard, plan a picnic for a beautiful day with the whole family!

family picnic

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Go for a hike: Pack up some bug spray and put on your gym shoes — experience nature by taking a hike with the family!

Turn a rainy day to a movie day: Rainy days are a perfect excuse to pop some popcorn and watch movies all day. Click here to find out different popcorn toppings your kids will love!

Feed the ducks: Buy some bread and take your children to a local pond to feed the ducks. Watch them be amazed with how many ducks they will see!

feeding ducks

Make homemade pizzas: Is your family a fan of pizza night? Get your kids cooking by having them help you make some tasty homemade pizza! Click here to view recipes the whole family will enjoy.

Make homemade ice cream: Treat your kids to something special by having them take part in making some tasty homemade ice cream! Click here for an easy way to make ice cream.

Visit a pet store: If you're not a family who usually has pets, your kids will be excited to visit your local pet store to give some love to some adorable puppies and kittens. Be careful though, you might be suckered in to taking home one of your own!

Visit a local park: You can never go wrong by visiting your local park. Push your child on a swing or take them on a walk throughout the trails to enjoy the beautiful sunshine!

Water balloon fight: One way to get your family outside on a hot summer day is a water balloon fight. A perfect way to stay cool while enjoying some fun competition between family and friends!

Travel the world without leaving home: Teach your kids about some of the beautiful places around the world by having an "around the world" meal for dinner. If it's Chinese, Italian, or Mexican, give your child a chance to have a "taste" of a different culture.

Have a cupcake decorating contest: Allow you and your kids to test your creativity and tastebuds by having a cupcake decorating contest. The reward can be diving in to some yummy cupcakes!

decorating cupcakes

Bake cookies for the fire department: Teach your kids gratitude by helping bake delicious cookies for your local fire department. Nothing says thank you like some tasty homemade cookies!

Have a tea party: Is your child a fan of imagining tea time with their favorite stuffed animals and dolls? Excite them by having a real tea party with cookies, sandwiches, and tea! A perfect excuse to get dolled up in hats and sundresses.

Set up a spa: Skip paying over $40 for a mani or pedi and set up your own spa for you and your kids! Have them pick out their favorite nail color and enjoy some peaceful spa time at home.

painting nails

Roast hot dogs and marshmallows: Campfire songs and roasting food around a fire is tradition in the U.S. So skip making dinner and grab a few sticks to roast hot dogs and marshmallows instead!

Create a board game: Is your family tired of playing the same old board games hiding in the hallway closet? Make up your own rules and create your own board game!

Trivia game: There's nothing like trivia night to get the whole family going! Just go online and find trivia questions, or come up with them on your own to get everyone's brains thinking. Trivia is also good for those long car rides on vacation.

Plant a garden: Teach your kids how seeds grow by having them help you plant a garden in the backyard. Gardening has been proven to give off lots of benefits to your mind and body, not to mention it teaches the little ones responsibility as well!

mom daughter gardening

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Create sock puppets: Sock puppets are a wonderful way for kids to branch out their creativity. Provide them with the supplies and put on the ultimate puppet show!

Host a family fondue night: Treat your family to a special dinner by hosting a fondue night! If it's either cheese, chocolate, or both, you and your family are in for a real treat with these fondue recipes.

Catch lightning bugs: Lightning bugs are fascinating insects that come around during the summertime. Get a jar and catch lightning bugs to watch them light up right before your eyes. When you're done release them and try to catch some more!

catching fireflys

Have a scavenger hunt: Scavenger hunts allow fun and adventure for you and your family to enjoy. Set up a scavenger hunt and watch your kids scout out for different clues and findings.

Make homemade jewelry: Why go out and buy jewelry when the family can make some of their own? By using pasta, beads, string, and paint, your children can craft up some lovely jewelry to make you proud.

Put on a fashion show: Dig out old dresses and heels to put on the ultimate fashion show for your kids! Turn on some music and watch them strut the runway wearing some of your old clothes.

Learn origami: Teach your kids the ancient art of origami and watch them craft different animals and flowers! Click here for examples.


Make a homemade slip and slide: Slip and slides are always a fun way for your kids to cool off during the summer, but they can be a bit pricey. So, why not build your own? Click here to find out how to make your own slip and slide your kids will love!

Make homemade popsicles: There's nothing like some refreshing popsicles on a hot, sunny day! Be a little spontaneous and make homemade popsicles with the kids. Click here to find out how!

Build a wind chime: Give your kids something to be proud of by teaching them how to build a wind chime for your backyard. They will be blown away by the sound it makes!

Create a popsicle bird house: Have the kids get creative and build a bird house out of popsicles. When their done, check out the different birds that come to visit!

Neighborhood olympics: Instead of a neighborhood block party, consider a neighborhood olympics. This gives families a chance to experience some friendly competition with one another!

Play a game of charades: Gather your family and friends around the living room and have a charades night. A classic guessing game where one person acts out a person or thing, this activity will provide laughs for everyone!

Make and fly a kite: Kites have been around for years and never get old! Teach your kids how to build a kite, then watch it fly high in the sky on a windy day.

flying a kite

Make a photo booth: Photos can be fun when you have silly props to work with. Set up a photo booth with props and clothes for your kids to dress up and take funny pictures in!

Melt and create with crayons: Instead of drawing with crayons, why not melt them and make a new creation? Watch your kids be amazed at how crayons look as they melt before their eyes. Click here to find out how.

Make paper dolls: Paper dolls are a crafty way to get any child's imagination running. Click here for paper doll ideas you and your kids will love!

Make tie dye shirts: Give your kids the opportunity to design their own shirts with tie dye! They will be amazed with the results, but you may want to take this project outside because it can get quite messy.

Make a bird feeder: Homemade bird feeders are a perfect way for the family to get creative and discover the different birds around the neighborhood. Click here to find out how to make a homemade bird feeder!

Make homemade instruments: Play musician with your kids and create these homemade instruments! Your family will become a homemade band in no time.

Create a memory jar: You'll never forget those special moments with the family after making this memory jar! Fill a jar with souvenirs and photos from a trip and your kids will watch the memories grow before their eyes.

Make a homemade putt-putt course: Instead of going to a local putt-putt course and paying to play, set up a course at your home! Utilize furniture and objects in your house to create the ultimate putt-putt course for your kids.