5 Reasons Kids Should Spend Time With Nature

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Mother Nature is not something we should take for granted. The calming sound of the wind surfing through the leaves and the feeling of the cold green grass between our toes, are both things that help improve our physical and mental health. Since science gives us evidence that nature is a beneficiary to our mind and body as adults, it is necessary to start enjoying the outdoors at an early age. The earlier you spend time outside the more likely you will treat nature as your best friend as an adult! If you're still deciding if your children should spend more time outside, check out these 5 reasons presented by Mind Body Green to help you further your decision.

child in nature

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1. It improves children's resilience to stress.

Nature reduces the impact of life's stresses on children, and also helps them deal with hard times when those feelings of stress seem unavoidable. Keep in mind that exposure to nature doesn't have to mean a long hike in the mountains; even a view of nature can help reduce anxiety for those who are highly stressed. The greater the amount of nature exposure, the greater the benefits for stress-relief. Period!

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2. It reduces attention disorders, depression and anxiety.

Research has found that spending time in nature can help children with attention deficit disorder. And living close to green space has also been shown to lower anxiety and depression in younger children. In other words, nature undoubtedly helps us tune into the present moment, and practice mindfulness organically — without even having to think of it in those terms!

3. It supports children's creativity and cognitive functioning.

Research shows that children are more creative when exposed to nature. Furthermore, this recent research has also highlighted that daily exposure to nature increases children's ability to focus and concentrate and therefore enhances their cognitive abilities (including problem solving). Lower stress, decreased anxiety, and improved mental function ... the reasons keep going on and on!

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