Thick to Thin: Workout Clothes for Every Body, Literally

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If you're heading to the gym or hitting the pavement for a run, it totally matters what you're wearing. Maybe not from a fashionita perspective, but more so for functionality reasons. You wouldn't wear a super tight tank if you're trying to move and flow through your workout — it would hold you back. Committing to exercise and a healthy, active life can be tricky enough. You don't need your clothes to become yet another obstacle. Let's get real.

Meet Andrea Kuchinski. She's the founder of the fitness clothing line Thick to Thin. If you're thinking, "Wow, I would totally hang out with her," you're right, you would. She's awesome.


Andrea started a blog in 2011 to hold herself accountable for the weight loss journey she was taking upon herself. She says the blog wasn't anything spectacular, in fact, she describes herself as "real and obnoxious" and "the worst writer with the worst grammar." If you can't tell by looking at her photo, Andrea is a lively spirit. Her honesty and detailed narratives on her blog caught the attention of thousands. Cue startup platform.

If you've ever struggled with adhering to a weight loss regime, a bootcamp, a diet and everything in between, you are not alone. (Click here for answers to all of your weight loss questions.) The only right path for you is the one you enjoy. Andrea found that with CrossFit. She also found that the clothing options available to her were too dull for her bright personality. The sizes were limiting and the motivation was completely lacking. Andrea had to find her own workout and apparently, workout gear.

"So I said, 'OK, Andrea, find a piece of apparel that will go up to a size XXL and start making shirts with inspirational and motivational sayings on them.' So, I did," Andrea said. "Fast forward two-and-a-half years from when I sold my first shirt, this company has grown so much."

"What we are focusing on now is how no other athletic apparel line out there actually makes women's clothing larger than a 3x, and if there is a clothing line out there, it's a segregated line for only plus women," Andrea said. "So, I said, no, this company is going to really embody our motto, 'WE ARE ALL ATHLETES,' and have apparel for all women of all sizes and abilities in one place because it's not fair that this industry excludes so many women, and especially when they need it the most!"

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Right now, Thick to Thin apparel is available online and sometimes during athletic events, like CrossFit competitions. It depends if one of the 10 territory reps are near you. If you're already falling in love with this startup's concept and mission, you might be interested in becoming somewhat of an ambassador, like the territory reps just mentioned. Check out the T2T BFF program, which is all about sharing fitness and community.

If you just want to nab these sweet threads, in other words, purchase some tanks and capris, here's a preview:
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Photo Credit T2T)
From sizes XS to 5X, women can find bright, motivational workout gear that will fit and inspire them to sweat more and worry less. (Click here to learn what to put in your gym bag.) There's nothing like getting new gear and running to the gym to show it off! Check out what others are saying:
"I finally feel recognized for what I am capable of outside of my size. It seems like other companies only recognize women who are very small and 'buff' but because I'm not that their clothes either don't come in my size at all or look super weird on me."
"I also like that larger sizes are available. So many places have the same sort of apparel, but don't fit larger people. I mean, I'm losing weight and still want to look good."
"I like that they're athletic clothes that don't make you feel like you have to fit the traditional athlete mold to wear the clothes. In other words, I don't feel like I have to be a size two to looks good and feel good in what I'm wearing."
Thick to Thin carries three tank styles: flowy, semi-fitted and fitted; T-shirts, hoodies, long sleeve shirts, capri pants and recently, shorts. You can support Thick to Thin via its Kickstarter campaign, which runs through July 28. Depending on what you contribute, you can walk away with a tank top or two, a pair of shorts and more gear later. Check out the campaign on Kickstarter right here.
Since you're into free stuff, Skinny Mom has teamed up with Thick to Thin to help you get some flashy gear to flaunt during your next sweat sesh, so register by visiting the Thick to Thin Kickstarter page in the link below now!