Hate Running? Blast The Fat With These Moves

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Running isn't for everyone. Like any type of exercise, it takes discipline and commitment to keep up with it. Running is done for many different reasons, like clearing your head, staying in a routine and of course, blasting fat. When you go for a steady paced run, you are training your body in an aerobic state. This means you're using oxygen to ignite fat as the main fuel source for your body's energy system. Running isn't the only way to flip that switch.

Seal Jacks: This exercise requires coordination of the arms and feet. By working together, you get a a sudden rush of demands for fresh blood oxygen in every limb. Get your heart going for 60 seconds at a time, resting as needed in between until you've completed 10 minutes. Get the move here!


Box Squat: Whenever you can work your leg muscles, the biggest muscles in the body, you'll be firing up your cardio. The box squat can be performed with a chair or step, as long as the surface will keep you at knee level. When you tap your hips to the box, don't rest on it. Instead, use it as a touch-and-go surface, keeping the weight in your heels. Get more details here!


Step Ups: It's a very simple exercise that targets the booty, quads and core at once. You step one foot onto a bench or stair (the entire foot), and use only those leg muscles and the core to raise yourself up. Lower yourself the same way. Keep repeating it on the same side for a real burn. You can throw dumbbells in by holding them at your side to increase the resistance. See it here.


Roller Blading: Strap on your blades and go for a spin. You'll train your body's coordination by recruiting muscles from the legs, booty and core. The best part is you won't feel like you're working out because you'll be having so much fun! Turning, stopping and changing speeds will really get you going to look for hills and create your own obstacles.

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Jumping Rope: Take it back to your elementary school days and whip out the rope. Whenever you work the calf muscles, you're encouraging the relationship between your heart and lower body. This is because the calf muscles are referred to as "the second heart" due to a system of vessels and veins that actually pump blood up to the heart again. Work in 30-second bursts. Try alternating one foot at a time or going for double unders.

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Goblet Squat: Anytime you can add resistance to your squat, you're putting more demand on your body's muscles and circulatory system. The goblet squat is performed by holding a kettlebell just under your chin with your elbows pulled into your body. Drop down into a squat, breaking parallel if you can. Keep the toes behind your knees and chest lifted as much as possible. Exhale and push yourself out of the squat. Commit to three rounds of eight to 12 reps. Click here to keep up with Real Mom Model Melissa for a skinny minute of goblet squats!


Burpees: Want to get that heart rate up without going in circles? Try a little up-and-down action with a burpee. Bend your knees and place your hands on the floor in front of you before you kick your feet out into a high plank. Brace the core and jump your feet in again, then jump straight up into the air. Land with soft knees and repeat. Try going at a steady pace for 3 minutes, rest for 3 more minutes and repeat until you complete three rounds. Get more details here.


Man Makers: Burn fat by working the entire body in this strength-based compound exercise. Grab onto a pair of dumbbells and start this move just like you would a burpee by coming down to the floor and jumping out to a plank. Widen your feet because you'll need to perform a push up, a single-arm row (dumbbell to ribs), a push up and another single-arm row on the other side. Jump the feet in, clean the weights up to your shoulders, perform a full squat and press the weights up over your head to finish. See the push up row and the squat with press, then combine!


Mountain Climbers: Test your core strength and cardio endurance by performing mountain climbers. Get into your high plank, shoulders over wrists and hips in line with your body. Pull one knee under the chest, then kick it back just as the other foot comes up. Do not let the foot touch the ground when it's under your chest (totally different exercise). Go fro 60 seconds, rest for 30 and repeat until you've completed 5 minutes of solid climbers. Try a minute with Real Mom Model Amanda Strong by clicking here!