Keep Chlorine In The Pool and Out of Your Hair

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Nothing cools you off like a quick dip with the kiddos in the pool, but too much exposure to chlorine can really wreak some serious havoc on your skin and hair! Instead of sacrificing your fun with your family this summer, try these tried-and-true tips to remove all those excessive chemicals from your body. We want you celebrating your healthy, glowing skin and hair, not wallowing in dead ends and dry patches!

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Wet your hair down before you hop in: Believe it or not, a quick spritz in the shower right before you jump in the pool is a great first defense against damage! Your hair will react like a sponge to the shower water, and will actually absorb less chlorine once it has already been dampened.

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Wear a swim cap: Okay, we know this might not be the most appealing option, but it is easily one of the most successful when it comes to maintaining those long, gorgeous locks. Caps are a fantastic option when it comes to keeping your hair out of the way and protecting it from the damaging metals commonly found in pool chemicals.

Apply hair product before you hit the pool deck: There are tons of products available on the market that are cheap and effective when it comes to protecting your skin and hair from the destructive effects of chlorine. Next time you take a trip to the pool, try applying a little of your favorite product. This will help coat those cuticles and keep those nasty chemicals at bay!

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Splurge on specialty hair and skin cleansers: You can avoid those frizzy ends and flaky skin by investing in a variety of products that are geared towards eliminating damage caused by harmful sources like chlorine, sun and heat. There are some wonderful clarifying shampoos and conditioners out there that will strip those chemicals right out of your hair. Professionals also recommend sticking with oil and silicone-based products for optimal results!

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Avoid shampooing before you swim: Shampoo can remove the natural oils that protect your hair. However, leave-in conditioner is a great cuticle sealant, so feel free apply a small dab before taking a dip! Click here to learn why avoiding shampoo might solve all your hair problems!

DIY with homemade remedies and oils: Many experts swear that dissolving aspirin in water is a great way to cleanse your hair and skin after a day at the pool. Also, natural oils provide a barrier against the harmful toxins in chlorine, so if you are looking for a more additive-free solution, we recommend substances like coconut, jojoba or castor oil as an alternative.

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Shower straight after swimming: The simplest solution? Don't wait until bedtime to rinse off those chemicals! Take advantage of those locker room showers, or hop in the tub as soon as you and the family get home. The sooner you rinse off the chlorine, the less damage it will inflict on your skin and hair.

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