Curtsy Lunge and Squat

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Move Targets: Glutes and Thighs


Step 1: Begin with a curtsy lunge by standing tall, crossing one foot in front of your body and bending the knees. When you do this, your feet should be far enough away from each other so you can bend the back knee at 90 degrees. Give yourself plenty of space! The crossover should bring your front knee in front of the opposite hip. The hands are in front of the chest to keep it lifted.


Step 2: Step out to the side so your feet are much wider than your shoulders. Dip into your plié squat and raise your arms overhead. Go as low as you can, trying to get your hips in line with your knees. For a bigger challenge, skip standing up as you transition — keep the knees bent and stay low to hold onto the burn!


Step 3: Cross the other leg in front of your body to perform a curtsy lunge on the other side. Again, give yourself enough room between the feet to perform a deep lunge.


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