Sexy Mama! Simple, Spicy Tips for All Moms to Feel Sexy

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For most of us, long gone are the days when shaving every time we showered was a priority, or leaving the house without mascara was a heinous crime! Can you remember you spent more than five minutes on your hair or your outfit when you weren't getting ready for work? Don't worry, we're not judging! Being a mom is a full-time commitment, and those little things that used to boost our self-esteem and make us feel sexy tend to slip through the cracks when kids and the responsibilities of raising a family come into the picture.

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Keep in mind, though, that when you start letting things slide it may be difficult to regain your footing. Don't lose your identity as a woman just because you became a mom! We're not saying it's time to hit up the malls and completely reconstruct your wardrobe or spend your life savings on a new haircut, but indulging in yourself once in a while is absolutely essential to maintaining your femininity!

Let's try to break free of that rut this summer, ladies. Take a look at these 10 simple tips from Wife Mom Superwoman to find out just how little effort it will take to get your sexy back!

  • Shut the freaking door when you pee. No one wants to see or hear that. Just sayin’!
  • Slip on some fitted yoga pants. Stop what you’re doing RIGHT NOW and set fire to those frumpy sweatpants you wear on your “day off.” Instead grab a cute, fitted pair of yoga pants. No granny panties allowed! Learn more about the hows (and how nots) to wear yoga pants here!
  • Paint the town... well, your nails at least. And don’t believe the hype! They really do notice the details.
  • Change in front of him. It’s OK, he’s seen it before. Every guy likes a naked woman, y’all! Let him have it!
  • Be about your business. Read a book next to him, email a client, write a song. The less you hang on him, the more desirable you are. Every guy likes a girl who has her own “thang.”
  • Get dressed up before he gets home. Let him come home to his Queen. Learn how to spice up your wardrobe by clicking here!
  • Clean the house in lingerie. Don and Meg Draper anybody? (Season 5, first episode… watch it!). Check out these 21 must-haves to look good naked!

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Spicing up your love life does not require all your energy or focus. It does not require a sit-down discussion with your spouse on the importance of communication or renewing your romance. All it takes is a few quick changes that will cost you very little time, and will make both you and your hubby feel more appreciated than ever!