11 Things to Help You Go From Anxious to Balanced

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Ever have those days where you feel uneasy, stressed and full of worry? It's normal to feel anxious and nervous on occasion, but you know how annoying this unwanted feeling can be. If you're one that constantly finds themselves over-stressing and working yourself up to no end, then consider these tips from Beca Grimm at Bustle to make you feel a little more balanced throughout the day.


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Hit a cardio class. I really wish this one weren’t true. I keep trying to like exercise, but it hasn’t happened yet. Alas, it seems aerobics help maintain overall cognitive wellbeing. Apparently an especially intense workout can help relieve anxiety symptoms for up to several hours and overtime, regular practice can take on a more lasting effect.

Get affectionate. This doesn’t apply to only romantic relationships (although we’ll get there in a second). Studies show hugging a person you care about can greatly reduce stress, ergo chill anxiety! Sorry if this is news non-touchers did not want to hear. (And good news: You can learn to fix that.)

Make a booty call. An orgasm literally “lets your brain go” for just a moment when it shuts down the lateral orbitofrontal cortex, the part of the brain responsible for inhibitions. It’s hard to feel anxious about anything when all your thoughts are quite literally someplace else.

sex couple

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Treat yo'self, DIY style. You knew this was coming. If you don’t have a partner handy and helpful in doling out orgasms, you can always get one yourself.

Bust a few yoga poses. Fully engaging in yoga — that is to say, making sure you don’t topple over — demands some mental focus. While you’re busy try to keep all your limbs intact, your brain has to to take a vacation from whatever was stressing it out in the beginning. The effects of yoga, too, can be physically soothing by bringing new blood into your brain and slowing your breathing.

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Maintain a neat, clean environment. This might be a personal preference here, but if I’m already a little stressed or feeling an anxiety attack on the rise, piles of dirty clothes or unwashed glasses immediately surrounding me does not help. The mess actually helps enable feelings of a loss of a control. Science says clutter is too much stimuli for your brain when it’s in overdrive and won’t let any part of you relax. So taking small breaks throughout the day to keep your apartment or work space tidy and manageable can really help you keep cool and focused.

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