August Challenge: Free Weights Challenge

| Fitness


It's time to take control of the free weights! Dumbbells are used for so much more than bicep curls, and during the month of August, you'll have plenty of opportunities to try new moves. All you need is a pair of dumbbells, something that will give you a moderate amount of resistance (this will differ from person to person) and an Instagram account. Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, Skinny Mom (follow us here!) will post two to three exercises. Watch first, read up on the how-to, then get to work! Each week, you'll be asked to do a different number of reps. That magic number will pop up on Mondays. If you fall behind, just look up what you missed and go for it!

At Skinny Mom, we're always looking forward to the creativity and enthusiasm from our readers, so we'd love to see your favorite moves with dumbbells, too! Share your photos and videos with us and use the hashtag #freeweightschallenge to get connected. Even if you're new to free weights or strength training, this is the time to jump in head first! You'll learn upper body exercises on Mondays, lower body moves on Wednesdays and target the core on Fridays. What are you waiting for?! Let's pump it out!


No dumbbells? Click here to have them shipped to your house, ready for the first week!

Week 1: Complete 12 reps of each exercise for three sets.

Upper body — Front Alternating Raise, Shoulder Press, Dumbbell Shrugs

Lower body — Weighted Squats, Dumbbell Thrusters

Core — Corkscrew, Side Bend

Week 2: Complete 16 reps of each exercise for three sets.

Upper body — Alternating Shoulder Press, Rotating Shoulder Press, Lying Chest Fly

Lower body — Weighted Donkey Kick, Dumbbell Step Up

Core — Kneeling Russian Twist, Weighted Pilates Sit Up