Fire Up Your At-Home Workout Routine with 7 Beginner DVDS

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Beginning something new is always exciting, but it comes with a pinch of dread. You're not sure how it will play out, how to find your groove or if you're even going about it the right way. When it comes to working out, whatever you do needs to be something you enjoy. That's the only way you're going to stick with it! Fortunately, there are a slew of DVDs you can pop in and get your sweat on any time you want. They're designed for the beginner — the motivated, hopeful, but usually directionless individual who really needs a good coach! Time to stock up your exercise arsenal, starting with these DVDS:

The Firm: Super Body Sculpt: This programming offers three workouts: upper body, lower body and core. You can choose to do just one for 10 minutes, or string together all three for a t0tal body workout. You will need weights and a step, so take that into consideration. It guarantees you'll see results in 10 workouts, so if you do five per week, you'll see change in less than two weeks! Let the instructor guide you through each move and help you know when the next move is coming. It's the perfect pace for beginners. Get it here!

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10-Minute Solution, 5 Day Get Fit Mix: You only need 10 minutes to get in, get out and be finished with your workout! Of course, once you try one sequence, you'll be into the next: abs, lower body, cardio, lean muscle sculpting. Look at you now, fitness guru! There are plenty of options to choose from, like the prenatal DVD or the high intensity cardio training. You'll be stocking a few of these! Get this one right here.

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Total Body Toning, 1-Minute Workout: You think 10 minutes is quick? Try one! Minna Lessig programs more than 100 exercises into this DVD. You pick how long you want your workout to be and what areas you want to work. You can also select the intensity you want. Start off easy and then increase as you progress. This is a DVD you'll be sure to loop back to over and over again, possibly never doing the same workout twice! Get yours here!

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Crunch: Candlelight Yoga: Ohm. Turn the lights down and slide this one onto your screen. In 30 minutes, you can go through a relaxing and stress-relieving flow. The moves are basic and the instructor guides you really well to get into each position. You don't need to be super flexible or a yogi know-it-all to get through this one. Tune out the kids for a few and let yourself have this peace! Heck, put a rush on it right here. Love yoga and want to try barre? Click here to watch a ballet barre workout you can do at home!

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Kim Lyons' Start Fitness Now: You might recognize this name from The Biggest Loser. Her focus is to conquer obesity by approaching exercise for beginners with her expertise. If you're a diabetic, this video will show you how to safely move and work. You get two 20-minute workouts for the Sit Down and Shape Up DVD and the Stand Up to Slim Down option when you've progressed a little more. It's loaded with good information and plenty of options so you can feel successful no matter what.

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Melissa Tomei: Core and Curves: Work those curves! You get three workouts with one DVD. The award-winning actress pairs up with your personal training coach to deliver several circuits for sexy limbs and a rockin' core. You also have the chance to customize your own workout. This is one you'll need to approach with caution: it won't all seem to come together at once, but stick with it! You'll be able to catch on and catch up quickly if you try it a couple times each week. Get yours here!

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Cardio for Beginners with Petra Kolber: Cardio can be a scary and intimidating venture! No one likes to feel out of breath or out of control, but cardio exercise is essential for a healthy body. Burn fat, work the heart and get the blood flowing with a motivating coach. You get four different segments, including a couple of dance-based workouts! Watch it once before you try it so you can confidently nail the moves. It's going to challenge you, but not stop you. You can do it! Get it right here.

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