Feel Sassy and Sexy on Your Next GNO

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Finally, after long days of carpools and never-ending evenings of dinner and dishes, you get an evening out with the girls. But instead of dusting off your best black pumps for a girls' night out on the town, just grab your sassiest workout gear and invite your besties to one of these sexy fitness classes for a night to remember.

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Pole Dancing: Just shake that first reaction from your mind (we know what you’re thinking!) because pole fitness has become one of the hottest workout trends in the country, and for good reason. It’s an intense total body workout, engaging your core and upper body as you twist and turn around the pole.

Pole Pressure is a mid-atlantic fitness studio based in DC focusing on this liberating form of exercise. For $25, you can take a Level 1 class, learning the basics of pole fitness and feeling flirty with your favorite girls. Other classes available include levels 2 and 3 pole, Firm and Flexy or Open Pole Play.

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Learning these sexy moves and poses shouldn’t make you feel awkward or embarrassed. You’re just hanging out with your girls, trying new things together and learning to take charge of your sexuality — not for your man —  for yourself. If it makes you and your friends feel more comfortable, book a private party instead of signing up for an open class. But if your new-found confidence makes you want to take your new moves into the bedroom? That’s just an added bonus.

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Chair Dancing: If twirling around a pole seems a little too advanced or intimidating, chair dance fitness may be more your speed. You’ll still learn burlesque style routines and sexy moves with this fun prop and after the class, your dining room chair may become your best workout accessory.

Move Studio in Dallas, TX offers sensual dancing™, an exotic workout for toning, strength, flexibility and improved posture & confidence. Then they add a chair for extra fun and flirtation. A single class is $15 and they promise to provide a "wicked workout" while teaching you sizzling moves that are appropriate for all fitness levels and body types. Don’t worry, ladies: This studio says no boys allowed and high heels are optional.

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Barre Class: Swap the bar for the barre on your girls’ night out! This intense workout is meant to lift and tone your body using minimal movements, but you’ll still feel sassy with your besties the whole time. Focusing mainly on the hips and booty, you’ll love the way this workout works the parts of your body you want desperately to show off with confidence.

If you and your ladies are celebrating a special occasion, turn it into a “barre-ty” at Pure Barre studios nationwide. The instructor caters the class to the bride-to-be or guest of honor to create a unique, fun, sassy workout. And afterward, grab some champagne or head to the spa for a relaxing evening following your intense booty burning session!

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Indoor Cycling: This class is all about turning down the lights and turning up the music as you pump along to high-energy pop songs in a club-like atmosphere. If your best girls are competitive, this class is a must-do. Many indoor cycling classes display real-time stats for every bike in the studio, encouraging you to keep pushing through each song and maybe beat your friends in calories burned. This class will leave you all feeling confident and energized.

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SoulCycle is one of the hottest workout studios and is available in 13 major areas in the US. It houses its signature SoulCycle ride (which now incorporates core work and hand weights for added intensity), along with Soul101 for newbies, SoulBands with ceiling-hanging resistance band work, and other fun classes, all with a $20 per class price tag.

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So grab your sneaks and head out with your favorite gals for a healthy, exciting new twist on GNO.