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Back-to-school shopping is usually all about saving money. But this year, why not focus on spending wisely? Instead of fighting over the last Hello Kitty folder in the ransacked Back-to-School section, shop these cute, classic styles from the comfort of your couch and feel good about your purchase; every company on this list gives back to people in need when you make a purchase.

TOMS: For new school kicks, check out TOMS shoes ($20-$69) which come in many styles, colors and materials. For each pair of shoes purchased, TOMS makes a one-for-one donation of another pair of new shoes to a person in need. They also carry eyewear, backpacks, bags and coffee beans which, by one-for-one donations, help people in over 80 countries to see clearly, drink clean water, have safe childbirth and stop bullying. To purchase TOMS Classic Canvas shoes, click here.

TOMS canvas shoes
(Photo: TOMS)

Out of Print: Combine your child's love of learning with the power of doing good by outfitting him or her in Out of Print apparel ($20). This clothing and accessory company prints classic books so you can wear your favorites proudly. And for every product sold, one book is donated to a community in need through the company's partnership with Books for Africa. Click here to purchase this "Where the Wild Things Are" children's tee.

Out of Print t-shirt
(Photo: Out of Print)

Headbands of Hope: Dress your daughter in style with these fun accessories by Headbands for Hope ($11.85-$25.95). At checkout, choose a research partner for each headband purchased and $1 will be sent to further their efforts. For every purchase made, the company also sends an adorable headband to a child with cancer. To involve your family with charitable giving, allow your child to choose where your donation will go! Click here to purchase from the kiddies collection.

(Photo: Headbands of Hope)

STATE Bags: Equip your kiddo with a colorful backpack this school year like the Kane by STATE Bags ($55). For each bag purchased, the company delivers a bag packed with learning essentials to an American child in need. They also host Bag Drop events which are motivational rallies led by experienced child development specialists that inspire kids and equip them with tools for success, including a bag of their own! Click here to check out the Kane bag!

kids backpack
(Photo: STATE Bags)

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Office Depot/Office Max: If you're looking to purchase products that can give back to your own child's school, consider shopping for supplies at Office Depot and Office Max. The company allows 5 percent of your school supplies purchase to be sent back to your child's school! Just give the associate the name or ID code of your school and ask them to credit your purchase to that ID. This promotion runs year-round and totals are calculated and paid quarterly. For more information on this program, click here.

kids curiosity

Yoobi: For back-to-school essentials, look no further than Yoobi! This company has cute and unique supplies for schoolers of every age, but they are also committed to helping others. The company name, pronounced "you-be," means "one for you, one for me." They donate an item for every item you purchase to a classroom in need in the US. They'll also partnered with Starlight Children's Foundation this year to provide creative supplies to over 200 hospital programs. Click here to shop all your supplies needs.

Yoobi school supplies
(Photo: Yoobi)

Better World Books: If your child needs to purchase textbooks this year, look for them first on Better World Books' site. For every book purchase made, they donate a book to a person in need via hundreds of non-profit partners. They work closely with Books for Africa and Feed the Children to take large book donations to people who need them. As of July 2015, the company had donated over 17,000,000 books and shares an Impact Map on the site so you can see the work they continue to do. Look for your child's textbooks at Better World Books by clicking here.


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Coastal: If a recent back-to-school eye exam showed that your kiddo may need glasses, consider ordering from a Clearly company like Coastal ($69). They carry stylish children's eyewear and, for every pair purchased, a portion benefits global eye health by providing those in need with prescription glasses, UV protective eyewear and vitamin A tablets to prevent eye disease. To date, they have reached over 550,000 people in 13 countries as a part of their Change the View campaign. Click here to start shopping!

(Photo: Coastal)

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SmartyPants Vitamins: To begin new healthy habits this year, consider these SmartyPants vitamins ($22.28) for kids and adults alike. They are organic multivitamins (with optional fiber supplements) that include no sugar added, no artificial coloring or GMOs, and are made eco-friendly in the USA. For every bottle purchased, SmartyPants donates a one-for-one grant to Vitamin Angels, a company dedicated to providing nutrients for children in need. Click here to purchase a bottle for your family!

Smarty Pants vitamins
(Photo: Amazon)