8 YouTube Fitness Channels All Yours, For Free

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YouTube has millions upon millions of channels with a large percentage of those claiming to be legit fitness resources. When it comes to free stuff, beggars can't be choosers, right? Wrong. You can quickly access any of these 8 channels for free, versatile video workouts from people who know what they're doing. Did you know Skinny Mom also has a YouTube channel for all of the workouts and foodie how-tos? Check it out!

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NatalieJillTV: Here's a woman who you can relate to: Natalie Jill. At one point in time, she had lost everything from her house to her marriage. Then, she gained a lot of weight. She's a single mom who makes her 40s look like the new 20s. She works full time, but still makes time to post workouts for her biggest fans! Natalie is an inspiration and wants to share her weight loss experience with you — read more about her here and see the workouts here!

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Fitness Blender: Meet husband and wife duo Daniel and Kelli. They're both personal trainers, and although Fitness Blender looks super high-end, the company consists of just the two of them. They're passionate about what they do and even left their day jobs for it in 2012. You'll find full-length workouts with excellent guidance, modifications and education, including nutrition tips. Get your sweat on here!

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POP Pilates/Blogilates: Say hi to Cassey Ho, your super bubbly and personable Pilates instructor. She's based in LA, but loves you so much she created her free workout channel. It will feel like working out with your best friend. She covers all levels and creates workouts that are "body focused" for specific muscle groups. Experience the energy here!

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JessicaSmithTV: After losing 40 pounds herself, she became a wellness coach, personal trainer and fitness instructor. She helps hundreds in studios and gyms, but millions through her free online workouts. She does it all: strength, cardio, bodyweight, and all at different levels. If you love dogs, you'll love her videos because her pooch named Peanut loves to make appearances! Meet Peanut and Jessica here.

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Daily HIIT/BodyRock: Love sweaty, intense workouts? Get your fix with Daily HIIT/BodyRock. You'll find strength training, cardio circuits, yoga, Pilates, prenatal and more. Lead by bombshell and beast, Lisa-Marie, you'll get the challenge of your life with every workout. Tough love! She has some innovative exercises and gets creative with equipment. You'll be able to acquire and abuse your home gym equipment! Check it out here!

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XHIT: It's a workout channel headed by three women, so you know you're in good hands. Rebecca-Louise, Kelsey Lee and Cynthia Dallas give you a wide range of workout styles and levels. They'll tell you exactly how to get the most out of your workout, no matter what level you are. Work any body part or do a total body burn session with full-length workout videos. Get started right now!


HangTightwMarC: You want a down-to-earth personal trainer and nutrition specialist? Meet MarC. Fitness is her focus. As a former athlete who endured and recovered from several injuries (and surgeries), she's made it a point to stay strong and share her secrets. She's based in Atlanta, but you can find her online with more than 500 workout videos on her channel for free! Go ahead and pick one here.

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Tone It Up: Two besties put their skills and passions together to create a brand that has colorfully stamped covers of a dozen publications. With so many fans and so much light on them right now, Karena and Katrina just pop their stylish sunglasses on and get back to work. They're truly into health and fitness for the right reasons and want to share workouts with you like any good girlfriend would: for free. Check out the beach buds here!

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