The Key to Thinking Positively

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Have you always been more of a glass-half-empty kind of girl? Are you constantly expecting the worst instead of hoping for the best? Perhaps it is time to reevaluate and gain some new perspective! If you are ready to kick that negativity to the curb and try your hand at optimism, then we've got a couple tried-and-true tips to help you out!

Be grateful. It's the little things in life that really make or break our days, so make sure that you take the time to be grateful for what you have. Be thankful for your job, even if your boss gets on your nerves. Take a moment to appreciate your beautiful family, or that woman who complimented your purse, or the fact that your son absolutely rocked his presentation last week at school. We recommend keeping a journal and writing down at least three things you are grateful for every day! This will help keep those positive moments we often overlook forefront in our thoughts!

Perfect your posture. Our mental and physical health are intrinsically linked, so it should come as no surprise that correcting the imperfections in our bodies can actually impact our mental wellbeing! Consciously make an effort to stand up straight with your shoulders back. Keep your chin up and your eyes forward, and make eye contact with those around you. You will find that merely fixing your posture will make you feel more positive and approachable.


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Smile. You may feel goofy at first, but pasting a smile on your face can go a long way in tricking your mind into feeling happier! Not only will it make you appear more friendly and engaging, but it can instantly change how you feel internally. Laughing also has this effect on the body, so the next time you're feeling a negative emotion bubbling up inside, try letting out a giggle! Your body releases endorphins that will give you an extra boost of positivity.

Feed your positivity. Any skill must be honed in order to amount to anything, and being optimistic is no exception! It is essential that you build habits that promote good behavior. Activities like journaling, meditation, yoga, or spending time with like-minded friends or family will go a long way in helping you shake those negative thoughts and emotions!

Do something selfless. We often get caught up in our daily routine and forget to give back to our community. Take a couple hours this weekend and dedicate a little bit of your time to a good cause! Whether you spend an afternoon at the local animal shelter or you call on a friend who has been feeling under the weather, you will be shocked by how good you feel when you focus your energy and budding positivity on someone else!

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Be realistic. We're not suggesting that you slap on a pair of rose-colored glasses and ignore all the negativity out there. Part of being more positive is recognizing that bad things do happen, but instead of channeling your energy into promoting cynicism, you should choose to focus on a more optimistic outcome.

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