Why Making Time for Romance Should Be at the Top of Your To-Do List

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When we were teens we lived for romance. Can you remember the hastily scrawled love notes, cheesy school dances, and frenzied hook-up sessions in the back seat of your car? All those romantic cliches may seem distant and overrated now that you are a mom, but the truth is making time for a little lovin' is more important now that you and your hubby are all grown up! We know it is easy to get swept up into your hectic schedule, but take some time this summer to reignite the heat! Check out these four reasons why romance is absolutely essential to your relationship.

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Romance is fun. Sure, a sweaty session at the gym will get your heart pounding, but so will a steamy date night with your hubby! Many couples see romance as another chore to add to their to-do list, right behind dinner prep and getting the car washed. It becomes an assignment, rather than a pleasurable activity. Remembering that romance is supposed to bring you and your partner joy is absolutely essential, so when you are making time for each other, try to plan excursions that you will both enjoy.

Romance brings you closer. Well duh, right? However, most couples fall out of the habit of being romantic once kids are in the picture. There never seems to be any time for a mommy-daddy date night, or you can't justify sneaking off for some alone time when there's a hoard of teenagers camped out in your living room! As a couple, though, you both need that affirmation of love that making time for romance encourages. A happy marriage is more than just creating a functioning schedule — it's about maintaining and nurturing the love that initially brought you together.

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Romance encourages selflessness. True romance is not about having someone else satisfy your expectations; it's about giving back to the person who matters most to you. Instead of relying on your partner to instigate a romantic evening, take it upon yourself to whip up a gourmet dinner for two on the patio, or arrange a sultry night of wine tasting. You might be the lady, but he deserves to be swept off his feet once in awhile too! Plus, doing something nice for someone else will make you feel pretty darn good about yourself, too! Click here to learn why being kind is good for your health!

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Romance communicates value. Letting that special person know just how important they are to you is crucial to maintaining a healthy relationship. Nothing boosts the self-esteem more than knowing you are appreciated and valued, so next time you are planning a romantic getaway, make sure that you communicate to your hubby just how much of an impact he has made on you! Maybe you really appreciate the way he massages your feet without waiting for you to ask, or perhaps you admire the way he wakes up early on the weekends to whip up a scrumptious Sunday brunch. Take the time to tell your partner what exactly you value.

Keep in mind that, while of course romance can be spontaneous, it is also something that you and your partner must work at consistently. It takes encouragement, creativity, respect, and a great deal of communication to keep that spark alive! Constantly nagging and pressuring your significant other to sweep you off your feet is actually a lot less romantic than you might expect. Taking the time to plan and initiate an act that highlights your own feelings will go a long way in bringing about a resurgence of your love. To learn more about the importance of romance, check out our sources here: Psychology Today, Light Source, Huffington Post.