7 Products For Your Tween's First Makeup Bag

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You may use makeup to mask imperfections, hide insecurities or amplify your features, but your little girl just wants to have fun! Experimenting with makeup is an exciting, fun way to be introduced to the world of beauty products and playing with shadows and blushes can spark her creativity and independence. While you set the boundaries of when and how she is allowed to use them, know that when the time is right, you'll want the safest, lightest products for your sweet girl's skin and nails. Here are a few toxin-free, safe makeup and skincare products you'll feel good about gifting your tween in her beauty starter kit.

girl wearing makeup

1. Kidskin Gentle Skin Cleanser: The most important skincare product your family (especially your tween) should be using is a mild facial cleanser each morning and night. This protects your daughter’s face from dirt, oils and makeup which can clog pores and create acne problems. This cleanser by Kidskin is a gentle wash made with tree bark and amaranth that can be used on any skin type and is free of parabens, sulfate or fragrance, ensuring that your girl’s face will look flawless! Click here to check it out.

kidskin cleanser
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2. Bare Minerals PrimeTime BB Primer-Cream: Your growing girl has young skin and you'd like to keep it looking that way! Pre-teens have no use for foundations that mask blemishes and age-spots, but if she'd like to use a facial cream like Mama, invest in a lightweight, minimum coverage beauty balm (BB) cream. It will keep her skin hydrated without making it oily and more prone to acne. Bare Minerals BB cream also has SPF to protect her from potential sun damage and leave her looking fresh! Learn more about this cream here!

BB cream
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3. Aveda Petal Essence™ Eye Color Trio: Eye shadows will probably be the favorite part of her new makeup routine since that's where all the fun colors are! Help her learn which combinations best highlight her eye color by purchasing a trio like this one by Aveda. It comes with three complementing colors that can blend easily; she'll just need you to show her how it's done! You can also feel confident in the shadows she's using as Aveda is paraben-free and uses plant and flower extract in its products. Find her perfect shade by clicking here!

Aveda petal essence trio
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4. Origins GinZing™ Brightening Mascara: Mascara can be a great tool for highlighting her already beautiful eyes but it's one of the trickiest makeup tricks to master. Be sure to get her started by purchasing a quality, light mascara with easy application and help her learn proper techniques. This mascara by Origins is made with active plant, 100 percent natural essential oil and certified organic ingredients. Its applicator is simple to use and it creates long, soft lashes with no clumps or spikiness. Check it out here!

Origins mascara
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5. Luna Star Naturals Klee Girls Blush: Your daughter will love applying blush with a soft puff applicator to create fun, rosy cheeks but you'll love knowing she's using a product that's safe on her skin. Luna Star brands are created specifically with kids and preteens in mind and its makeup is 100 percent mineral based with no harmful ingredients. This blush also comes in four fun colors to match any skin tone perfectly. Click here to learn more!

Luna Star Klee GIrls blush
(Photo: Luna Star Naturals)

6. Burt’s Bees® 100 Percent Natural Lip Gloss: Help your girl transition from simple Chapstick® to a shimmering lip gloss with a natural, safe product she'll love to use. Burt's Bees gloss is 100 percent natural with nutrient-rich oils to leave her lips soft and hydrated. It's available in 12 gorgeous shades that will give her lips a healthy, wet shine. Check out the fun colors here!

lip gloss
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7. Suncoat Girl Water-Based Nail Polish: Nothing makes a girl feel prettier than having freshly painted nails. But many popular polishes use toxic ingredients that may be harmful for your little beauty. This polish by Suncoat Girl contains no toxic ingredients and even bypasses the need for acetone-rich polish remover. Choose from 22 bold colors and have a mani-pedi spa day with your tween right at home! When she's ready to change the color, she can soak her fingers in warm water and peel the polish off. Find her favorite shade here!

suncoatgirl peel polish
(Photo: SuncoatGirl)