These May Be the Craziest Baby Names We've Ever Heard

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We're used to celebrities naming their kids crazy things, but turns out they're not the only ones! These words-turned-names from the Social Security Administration's list of 2014 baby names should shed some light on the (never-ending) trend.

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1. Alias: Jennifer Garner, anyone? Apparently the name Alias was used for boys 28 times last year. So meta.

2. Awesome: It's bad enough that this is the only adjective in kids' vocabularies these days, but now it's their name? Come to think of it, it would be pretty gratifying to say, in all sincerity, "I'm Awesome."

3. Boss: Twelve boys were named Boss last year, but how will their parents be able to say no to them? "Because I'm the boss" just won't work anymore!

4. Couture: We suppose that this one shouldn't surprise us. When names like Chanel and Armani pop up, Couture is naturally the second step. That's a lot of pressure to live up to! Hopefully these eight girls live the high-fashion life their parents dreamed of.

5. Eliminate: Maybe five sets of secret agent parents gave birth last year. That's all we can come up with.

6. Gamble: Perhaps those five boys were conceived in Vegas...?

7. Halo: Unless your name is Beyoncé, or your child is literally an angel, this one may not be the best choice.

8. Harsh: Tough guy, huh?

9. Kindle: Hopefully the 15 baby girls named Kindle really love to read! Sounds like their parents sure do.

10. Remedy: Would you want to be named after something you buy at the pharmacy? Twenty-seven parents apparently thought so.

11. Shanty: As in shanty-town? Possibly one of the most depressing baby names of all time.

12. Zeppelin: Maybe it refers to the giant floating blimp threatening to explode over the earth, or maybe there are simply some classic rock fans out there.

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