Ready, Set, Glow: The Sunless Tan You Need This Fall

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You've got this gorgeous summer glow, but skip a few weeks into fall and you'll be missing your bronzed complexion. When you want to keep your tan without the health risks and wrinkles the tanning bed brings, you've got to go sunless. Check out some of these magical self tanners that will keep you looking sun-kissed even when the temperatures fall. And they're all free of harmful parabens, sulfate and phthalate to keep you safe and healthy!

1. Tarte™ Marajuca Rainforest Glow: This "instant body perfector" is a waterproof, matte bronzer that will give you a bright, dark tan and can even help mask an uneven skin tone, imperfections or spider veins. It is made using marajuca oil and vitamin C, A and E to hydrate, brighten and repair skin. An application mitt comes with the bronzing lotion for an easy, smooth, streak-free application that won't end up on your hands. Click here to check it out!

Tarte self tan
(Photo: Tarte Cosmetics)

2. Vita Liberata Fabulous Tinted Self Tanning Mousse: This mousse is quick-drying to allow you to put on your clothes and head out the door within seconds of applying. It uses certified organic botanicals and a moisture locking system to keep your skin hydrated for up to 72 hours and it uses Odour Remove™ technology to ensure the product is completely odorless. Get this luxury tan by clicking here.

Vita liberata self tan
(Photo: Vida Liberata)

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3. James Read Liquid Bronzer: This fragrance-free liquid bronzer leaves a light golden, even glow on your skin. It’s a water-based formula that hydrates and moisturizes as the color develops and is safe for your face, too! Because this product is light, you can apply more layers until you reach your desired color and, for the spots that fade quicker like your face and hands, try James Read Day Tan Face to keep an even color. Get the liquid bronzer here!

james read self tanner
(Photo: Sephora)

4. Fake Bake® Flawless Self-Tan Liquid: Get a gorgeous glow without the tanning bed using Fake Bake tanning liquid. It’s a cosmetic bronzer that makes application simple as it shows where it goes and it provides an instant golden tan. This bronzer has a refreshing tropical scent rather than a weird chemical smell and comes with an application mitt for flawless coverage! Click here to learn more.

fake bake self tan
(Photo: Amazon)

5. Hampton Sun Airbrush Bronzing Body Mist: For an instant airbrushed tan, try this body mist by Hampton Sun. The 360º applicator helps you get hard-to-reach places with ease for an even color and it allows for a mess-free, no-hands mist. This product uses macadamia and sweet almond oils to moisturize your skin as it darkens! Learn more by clicking here.

hampton sun self tan
(Photo: Neiman Marcus)

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6. St. Tropez Tanning Essentials: Self Tan Express Starter Kit: St. Tropez says the key to your best tan is prepping your skin, so they’ve created a tanning essentials kit to get your started. This kit comes with Tan Enhancing Polish and Moisturizer to lock in your color and maximize your results. The Self Tan Bronzing Mousse with applicator mitt dries quickly to reveal rich-bronze tan without the spray tan stench thanks to its Aromaguard™ technology. Get your starter kit here!

st tropez sunless tanner
(Photo: Feel Unique)

7. Bare Minerals® Faux Tan Sunless Body Tanner: Fool everyone with your golden, natural-looking faux tan! This tanner by Bare Minerals® uses a mineral copper complex to maximize tan while aloe vera and vegetable-derived ingredients hydrate your skin to feel its softest and smoothest. And for your face, use Bare Minerals® Faux Tan Face Gradual Sunless Tanner to look sun-kissed all year. Check out the body tanner here!

bare minerals self tan
(Photo: Bare Escentuals)

8. Perfekt Matte Body Perfection Gel: This gel is an all-in-one skin perfector, body moisturizer, body treatment and tan! It uses Smart Color Technology™ to give every woman a gorgeous, natural glow. It also disguises skin imperfections like bruises or dry patches and locks in moisture using shea butter and ceramides. No need to moisturize before you use this gel either; it works best by itself! Check it out here.

Parfekt self tan
(Photo: Perfekt Beauty)