Fitness Tops That Talk: 11 Fun Graphic Tanks

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Your workout gear says a lot about you, especially when your thoughts are literally printed on your top. Graphic tanks can showcase style, add humor, or spark motivation during your workout. Every woman needs a few fun phrase tops in her fitness wardrobe, so get started with one of these comfy, cute tanks that talk!

1. Work it Tank: Everyone will like the way YOU work it in this fun, flirty tank by Lorna Jane! Click here to check it out!

like the way you work it tank
(Photo: Lorna Jane)

2. Prove Them Wrong Terry Tank: Sometimes the best motivation comes from wanting to prove doubters wrong. Wear that motivation across your chest on this soft French terry tank! Learn more by clicking here.

prove them wrong tank
(Photo: Reevolve Clothing)

3. Buts Don’t Make Butts: This is a no-excuses tank by Thick to Thin that's perfect for every body, size 2 to 20. And it's true: Buts don't make butts. Get it here!

buts don't make butts tank
(Photo: Thick to Thin)

4. Mind Over Matter: Exercise is a mind game. Win it with the help of this motivational tank by Thick to Thin! Choose your style by clicking here.

mind over matter tank
(Photo: Thick to Thin)

5. I Run Slower Than a Herd of Turtles: This tank is the perfect combination of humor and honesty. But it isn't about how fast your pace is, all that matters is that you're up and moving! Get this fun tank here.

i run slow tank
(Photo: Skreened)

6. Go Dry Cool Graphic Tank: It's important to remember that healthy living is an all day, every day commitment! This tank is a solid reminder that giving up is not an option. Check out all the styles here!

24/7 tank
(Photo: Old Navy)

7. Drop It Like a Squat Tank: To be the most stylish person in your bootcamp class, you've gotta have this tank by Reevolve Clothing. Each time you look in the mirror, you'll squat deeper and get stronger. Click here to buy it! 

drop it like a squat tank
(Photo: Reevolve Clothing)

8. Yoga and Coffee Are All I Need: Yoga may get you through your day, but coffee wakes you up so you can get to your early morning flow. Share your love of yoga and java with this fun racerback! Check it out here.

Yoga and Coffee are all i need tank
(Photo: Royalty Rags)

9. Better Sore Than Sorry: You know you're a fitness lover when being sore is something you long to feel! But on the days you start to make excuses, throw on this tank and head the gym. Get it here! 

better sore than sorry tank
(Photo: Chin Up Apparel)

10. I Don’t Sweat, I Sparkle Graphic Top: Feel confident during your tough workout because it's not sweat, it's glitter! Wear this tank during an intense run or training session to let everyone know you're a true shimmering beauty. Check out the color options here!

I don't sweat i sparkle tank
(Photo: Amazon)

11. Another Night at the Barre Top: While other ladies hit the bar full of creepy dudes and loud pop songs, you'll be working it at the barre with your girls! Remember those rewarding nights at the barre with this cute racerback. Click here to check it out!

another night at the barre tank
(Photo: Amazon)