Do-Re-Mi: Singing for Your Health

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We make a habit of singing in the shower and in the car, watching shows about singing, and humming while we’re nervous. We engage in activities like karaoke during girls' night out just for the heck of it, even though we know we’re far from star status. We’ve got playlists lined up on our various electronic devices for every occasion, and when our favorite song comes on the radio, we instantly have to join in. What is it, exactly, that makes the act of singing so addictive? Well, for one thing, it is actually good for us!

Believe it or not, studies have revealed that singing is considered healthy because it provides our bodies with physical and psychological benefits. Skeptical? We definitely were! According to numerous studies, there are a variety of reasons why you should join in during your next family sing-along. Check out the following eight reasons to learn why you should think about hooking up with your local choir!

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1. It’s aerobic. Singing is an aerobic activity because it increases the flow of oxygen in the bloodstream and exercises a lot of the muscles in our upper body, even when we are seated! Who knew that jamming in your car could count as a workout?

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2. It has psychological benefits. Belting out your favorite tunes can lead to reduced stress levels because of its impact on your endocrine system. Check out these 15 ways to combat stress in less than a minute!

3. It creates a sense of community. Singing is often a community-based endeavor, which can increase your sense of belonging and camaraderie with the people around you.

4. It makes you happy. Singing releases "feel good" hormones called endorphins into our body that boost our mood and reduce negative emotions.

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5. It’s good for your heart and lungs. Regular practice exercises your vocal cords, which can whip your heart and lungs into shape in no time!

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6. It releases oxytocin. Feeling a little lonely or depressed lately? Instead of popping those pills, try joining a choir! Singing releases large amounts of oxytocin, which eliminates stress and anxiety and also promotes feelings of trust and bonding!

7. It increases your immunity. A study at the University of California revealed that people who participated regularly in choirs possessed significantly increased levels of immune-boosting proteins. Hallelujah! Click here to learn how to boost your immune system naturally.

8. It could help you live longer. While the research is still a little unclear on this one, experts at Yale and Harvard came together and found that choral singing actually raised the life expectancy of participants in Connecticut.

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Regardless of whether you’ve got the world’s best voice, you should definitely be taking advantage of the health benefits of singing! It’s cheaper than therapy and medication, and will leave you feeling revitalized and energetic in no time. For more information, feel free to check out our sources: Heart Research UK, Time, Mind the Science Gap.