9 Chafing Solutions That Won't Rub You the Wrong Way

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Bathing suits, shorts and sundresses are summertime wardrobe staples, but walking around all day in these trendy bottoms might affirm that “beauty is pain.” Unless you’re rocking a thigh gap (you aren't? us either), wearing tight clothing that exposes your inner thighs might cause painful — and sometimes permanent — chafing.

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Chafing happens when the skin on your inner thighs rubs together, and it's more likely to occur when your skin is a little wet. Since summers are spent swimming in the pool, hiking, walking trails or getting active, chances are you’ll sweat as you walk. This uncomfortable problem can cause itching, burning, bumps, breakouts or even bleeding, so it’s important to know how to prevent chafing or treat it when it unexpectedly occurs.

If blisters or rashes show up, they can leave scars on your legs if not treated properly, causing permanent skin damage. Untreated chafing can also lead to infection, lengthening the time and intensity of your discomfort. To treat your rubbing woes, here are a few solutions to treat chafing and to prevent it from happening again!

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1. Monistat Chafing Relief Powder Gel®: This product helps soothe irritation and prevent chafing for those with the most sensitive skin. It provides a thin layer of protection for silky skin while preventing heat, moisture and movement rashes. Click here to learn more!

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2. BodyGlide for Her: For easy, discreet protections against chafing, try this anti-chafe stick by BodyGlide. It slides on a breathable skin lubricant that is sweat- and water-resistant to give you all-day protection and comfort! Get it by clicking here.

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3. Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser: If your skin is already irritated, it's important to wash with warm water and a gentle cleanser to prevent infection and promote fast healing. This wash cleans your skin and adds moisture to keep your irritated areas from drying out or scarring. Learn more about this product here!

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4. Aquaphor® Healing Ointment: Using a white petrolatum or allergen-free moisturizer like this ointment can treat irritated or cracked skin and prevent permanent scarring. It is hypo-allergenic and suitable for all skin types as both a treatment and protectant. Click here to try it for quick relief!

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5. Alo 'The Vortex' Capris: Outdoor running or hiking activities in the heat are a recipe for a chafing disaster. Keep comfy during your workout with these cute exercise capris made with flatlock seams that won't irritate your skin as you move. See the color options here!

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6. Thigh Society Anti-Chafing Panty Short: Sometimes creams won't cut it, but Thigh Society says you can "breathe a thigh of relief" after slipping into these comfortable, discreet anti-chafing panty shorts. They are compressing to prevent movement that causes irritation! Check them out by clicking here.

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7. Bandelettes Thigh Bands: If you aren't up for wearing extra compression shorts in the heat, these slip-on, stay-put thigh bands may be just the protection you're looking for. They can be worn under shorts or skirts and with lacy options available, they may even give you a trendy, sexy look! Check them out here.

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8. Lush Silky Underwear Dusting Powder: For a luxurious, feminine protectant, try this dusting powder that will leave your skin feeling soft and smooth. It works well to prevent chafing, but must be applied a few times if you're looking for all-day protection. Click here to buy this magic dust!

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9. Lady Anti Monkey Butt® Powder: The name may make you scratch your head a bit, but this powder is an adult-friendly anti-chafing alternative to baby powder that won't end up all over your clothes! It provides long lasting, cooling relief for chafed thighs and has a light, feminine perfume scent. Find this product by clicking here!

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