Stop, Drop and Rock These 27 Quick Fit Tricks

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woman rushing

Time is money, and when it comes to your health, you want to get the biggest bang for your buck. When your day is jam-packed with everything but time for a workout, try incorporating a few of the quick tips below to stay on top of your game.

1. Take the stairs. You expected this one. So, why aren't you already doing it?! If you're in a time crunch and really need to take the elevator, do some calf raises while you wait.

2. Go face to face. Technology is awesome — it brought you here! But it's time to get up, walk over to your co-worker or neighbor and talk to them face-to-face instead via text message or e-mail. You'll probably get more accomplished with an in-person conversation anyway.

3. Track your hydration. It's tough to know how much water you drink (or don't drink) every day, so mark up your water bottle or tally your score in a planner or use an app, like Waterlogged.

water bottle in car

4. Kegels: Strengthen your pelvic floor while you're working, driving, watching your kid's soccer game or recital or waiting in carpool.

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5. Ditch convenience for weight. For quick errands, forget the cart. Use a basket. Make one trip instead of two when carrying in the groceries by loading the bags into one big bag or lining them up your arms! Click here for more day-to-day transgressions of strong women.

6. Go the long way. Park farther away, walk around the block, choose the scenic route or whatever it takes for you to get those steps in!

7. Pack fiber and protein. When you know you're going to have a crazy day, do yourself a favor and pack some fuel. Protein and fiber-filled snacks are best because they'll fill you up and boost your energy. Click here for snack inspiration.

8. Breathe. Take 60 seconds to drop what you're doing, close your eyes and inhale. Slowly exhale, dropping your shoulders away from your ears and letting all the noise fade. It will help slow your racing heart and ease your stress, which leads to the buildup of cortisol and fat storage.

9. Bring your dumbbells to work. Pick up some 2-pounders and throw them into your work bag. Try a couple of tricep extensions in your chair, front and lateral raises or alternating shoulder presses.

10. Jump. Yep, get some air under your feet. Jumping activates the calf muscles, which act as a "second heart" for the body (read more about that here). It also helps increase bone density and strength. Try a couple side-to-side jumps or basic up-and-down hops when you're getting ready in the morning. See if you can keep up with 60 seconds of squat jumps below:

11. Do pushups in the kitchen. If you're in the kitchen making a meal or warming up leftovers, chances are there will be some standing around. Take full advantage and perform some countertop pushups in increments of five. Watch how to do them here.

12. Leave the waiting room. When you check in at the doctor's office or you're waiting for an oil change, get up and walk around the hallway or outside.

13. Take phone calls standing. Ring, ring! Leg muscles, here, ask for a quick shake and stretch. Pace, squat, lunge or stretch a little if you feel like it.

14. Commercial breaks are made for sneaking exercise. Didn't you know? Get off the couch and do a few squats or crunches; hold a plank for one commercial while you jog in place during the second, switching back and forth until your program resumes. Click here for more ideas, including exercises you can do on the couch!

15. Complete calf raises at the sink. Up and down, up and down — do these while your brush your teeth, wash your hands or do the dishes. Change your feet to first or second position to keep things fresh.

16. Sub yoga for cravings. When a craving hits (sugar, salt, cheese, or "hanger"), take a moment and assess if you're really hungry or just bored, maybe stressed or tired. Throw in a little yoga to alleviate the craving and wisely fuel yourself with something better.

child's pose

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17. Toss junk food. Out of sight, out of mind, right? Get the junk food out of your house so you don't tempt yourself or fall into a rut. Set yourself up for success!

18. When it doubt, peanut butter. It's one of the most satisfying foods on the planet, stacked with protein and totally delicious. A few spoonfuls will have you feeling better in no time. Click here for 9 healthy alternatives if you're allergic or if PB isn't your thing.

19. Use smaller plates. You're likely to fill a plate when serving up a meal, so get a smaller plate, therefore, a smaller meal. Appropriate serving sizes will help you stay on track and shift your meal mentality to quality over quantity. See more on the Small Plate Movement here.

20. Lose the bun. Be it a deli or chicken sandwich or burger, ask the kitchen to hold the bun. In fact, don't even buy them for your pantry. Use wraps and bowls instead. You'll have room for more of the "good stuff" instead of filling up on sugary carbs.

21. Use your lunch break to work out; eat later. If your job allows the flexibility, hit the office gym or combine lunch with a post-meal walk. Have snacks at your desk to keep you fueled throughout the day instead of one big, heavy lunch.

22. Date night? Split dessert. Nothing wrong with indulging in some sweet dessert. Make it even sweeter and split the treat with your dinner guest.

looking at dessert guilty

23. Say no to fried and breaded. When looking at a menu or recreating a favorite recipe, go for grilled, baked, broiled or steamed for all meat dishes. You're welcome.

24. Stretch before bed. This is so overlooked and underestimated. Gravity has been weighing you down all day, so show your muscles some love by giving in to some deep stretches and deep breaths. You'll probably find you sleep better!

25. Spark some intimacy. Go ahead, you makeout bandit! Kissing helps reduce stress, spikes your happy hormones and can help boost your metabolism. Plus, it's fun to reconnect anytime, anywhere. Click here for more reasons why kissing is good for you.

26. Sing out loud. You have your go-to car songs that make you belt the lyrics, complete with hand gestures. Play one of those today and go for it! Singing is an aerobic workout that recruits your lungs and core muscles. It also feels really good! See more on why singing is good for your health here.

27. Try a quick workout from Skinny Mom's video page here. Skinny Mom has plenty of workouts under 10 minutes, including a slew of Skinny Minutes like the one below: