13 Ways to Become Employee of the Month

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You may love your job, you may hate it. Regardless, day after day of doing the same thing can really get you into a slump. Get yourself out of the rut and become your most productive self with these 13 tips!


1. Take a break. Your boss may not love it, but your brain will. And once they see how much more you're getting done, they won't complain. Get up from your desk a few extra times and take a quick walk down the hallway. Refill your water bottle or take a potty break. Getting your blood flowing and giving your brain a pause is a good way to clear the mind and refocus.

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2. Start off strong. As soon as you get to work, get to work. Don't dawdle by the coffee machine or check your Facebook. If your email inbox will suck you in, save it. Get to work, sit down and start on a meaningful task. It's easier to start productive and stay that way than it is to force yourself into it.

3. Keep a clean workspace. Whether you start the day or end it by de-cluttering your desk, make sure you keep it clean. Don't let yourself lose focus on the piles of papers you've got laying around. Tidy desk, tidy mind.


4. Avoid your social media. Facebook, Twitter and other social medias are not workplace appropriate unless it's actually work related, like implementing a social media strategy or contacting a client. Otherwise, it's a distraction that you don't need. Save your Facebook stalking for your lunch break.

5. Pace yourself. Know what you need to do, and how long it takes to do it. You don't want to be squeezing in half your day's work in the last hour. Try making a list, ordered by priority. You can check it off as you go and see how much you have left to do that day.

6. Close unneeded tabs. Your crowded browser is only a distraction. Your last Google search is over and done with; no need to let it linger! Simplifying your desktop is a good way to declutter your brain.

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7. Put your work first. It might be tempting to go out for lunch with the coworkers, but if you know you need the extra ten minutes that eating in the break room will save, than you need to do it. On the same note, if a coworker delegates a task to you, make sure you don't neglect what you have to do. Finish the task you're working on before you move on to helping someone else. It will help you to stay focused and get something on your list accomplished.

8. Stay positive. There's nothing like a negative Nancy to slow you down. Don't get in your own way! Start your day off with a healthy and filling breakfast, and pack yourself a lunch you can look forward to. Create an upbeat playlist, wear your favorite shoes or whatever else it takes to keep you in your happy place.

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9. Sort your email. Take some time and categorize your inbox. Delete the junk you don't need and create folders for everything else. Than, as new emails come in, you can quickly and easily sort them where they need to be. When you need to go back and reference something, it will be much faster.

10. Break down your big tasks. Do you have a huge project looming overhead? Break it down into smaller, more achievable parts. Often times, when there is a huge task, you don't know where to start. By separating it out, you can feel more productive when finishing something and you'll be far more motivated.

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11. Be weary of multitasking. Multitasking is a skill every mom has nailed down. But countless studies show that this can seriously decrease your productivity. Focus your attention on where it needs to be. One foot in front of the other is the best way to get where you're going.

12. If you get stuck, move on. When you come across something on your list that really stumps you, don't waste your time dwelling on it. If you can't figure how to accomplish it, skip it and move on to the next thing. It may also be a good time to take one of those little breaks we mentioned earlier. Give your brain a break from something too hard and come back to it later when you are more mentally prepared.

13. Care. If you hate what you're doing, it'll never get done. Remember why you are here. Think about the promotion or raise you're working towards. Reflect on what made you choose this career. DO whatever it is you need to do to care about your work. It will motivate you and give you a much-needed kick in the butt.