50 Productive Things To Do While Watching TV

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Busy parents don't often get the chance to watch something other than Nickelodeon, and watching TV isn't usually on the top of your to-do list. But what if you could knock something off that pesky list while catching up on your favorite show? Grab the remote and prepare to get something done!

watching tv

1. Write your to do list.

2. Do the couch potato workout.

3. Clip cupons.

4. Clean up the living room.

5. Fold laundry.

6. Crunches.

7. Delete old emails.

8. Tweeze your eyebrows.

9. Pay the bills.

10. Vacuum during commercials; mop or dust during your show.

11. Iron clothing.

12. Do sit-ups.

13. Send emails.

14. Create a budget.

15. Do some meal planning.

16. Load or unload the dishwasher during commercials.

17. Drink water.

18. Lift weights.

19. Delete old DVR recordings.

20. Make your grocery lists.

21. Organize DVDs.

22. Rearrange the furniture.

23. Weighted jumping jacks.

24. Clean out your purse.

25. Update social media profiles.

woman watching tv

26. Conquer the junk mail you've been storing.

27. Water the plants.

28. Play with the dog.

29. Kegels. 

30. Mend holes in clothing.

31. Reach out to an old friend.

32. Take the garbage out during a commercial.

33. Practice your yoga.

34. Balance your checkbook.

35. Paint your nails.

36. Sort through the kids' school work.

37. Oil pulling.

38. Toss out old magazines.

39. Try out different types of squats.

40. Scrapbook! Or simply add photos to a photo album.

41. Update your resume.

42. Find new recipes in our recipe index.

43. Do some online shopping.

44. Floss.

45. Trim your spilt ends.

46. Perfect a traditional pushup.

47. Groom the dog.

48. Pull out the dresser drawers and sort old clothing into donation or trash piles.

49. Do some strengthening stretches.

50. Clear your mind, relax and snuggle up with your significant other.