10 Activities Kids Love to Do With Grandparents

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Any proud and loving grandparent can admit that seeing the bright and glowing face of their grandchild is one of the happiest gifts they can ask for on a peaceful Sunday afternoon. Although the activities that can be enjoyed by both kids and their grandparents vary, a day spent with your grandkids should be something the kids can get excited about.


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1. Scavenger hunt: A house full of unique hiding places, secret nooks and crannies, and closets full of old treasures make this activity worth the setup! Arrange a path of clues throughout the house that lead to a final prize (i.e., trip to get ice cream, $5, candy, etc). Not sure where or how to start? Click here to see a few examples of scavenger hunts.

2. Walk to the park. Breaking away from video games and TV is important for kids, so if there is a local park nearby your house, take advantage of that and make a day of it. Pack a small lunch box full of snacks, water, Band-Aids, or whatever else you think is necessary for a couple hours at the park. Kids rarely turn down the opportunity to show off their monkey bar skills, so let them impress you until it’s time to head back.

Photo Credit: Kids Activity Blog
(Photo: Kids Activity Blog)

3. Fishing: Fishing is a fun activity for those who have the patience for it, and it can also be an opportunity to impress them with crazy stories. Bring along a radio, snacks and a camera to the dock, and spend some quality time with your little munchkin. Not a fan of fishing but want to get out of the house? Click here to see a list of healthy outdoor activities to do!

4. Fly a kite. Arrange a time for your kid and their grandparents to go to the store and pick out a couple of fun and colorful kites. Wait until the weather presents a perfect day to let those bad boys fly high, and have fun! Make the day worthwhile by packing a picnic for the afternoon while your flying kites.

5. Lick the bowl clean. Bake a tray of those delicious, gooey and irresistible cookies from scratch, using that favorite family recipe that’s been passed down for ages. Dress the little ones up in official cooking gear so they feel more entitled to the job. Use fun cookie cutters and tasty decorations to make it as fun and delicious as possible. Don’t tell them what the “secret” ingredient is yet, but let them lick the bowl clean in the mean time. Click here to see a super tasty recipe for gluten-free chocolate chip cookies. 


6. Board games: Make your rainy days less gloomy by whipping out your collection of board games. This old fashioned activity is timeless entertainment for kids and it keeps them occupied for hours, especially when they know they’re really good at playing it. Introduce them to games they’ve never played before, or stick to their favorite and let them beat you every round.

7. Playing cards: Go Fish! Old Maid! Slap Jack! Whatever the game may be, cards are another game you can play for hours when the weather is undesirable. Teach them tricks and tips of how to win, so they can beat their parents next time they play at home. Forget how to play your favorite card game? Click here for a list of instructions.

Photo Credit: Great Moment in Parenting
(Photo: Great Moment in Parenting)

8. Trip to the library: Technology seems to be the only thing that kids want to interact with nowadays, which is why finding something fun for them to do instead is very important. Sign the kids up for a library pass and take frequent trips together. Check out the kids’ section to see if there are any reading competitions or prizes awarded for completing a book log.

9. Fruit picking: This is great for seasons when the weather is tolerable and the crops are ripe for picking! Look up to check when certain fruits and vegetables are in seasons, and plan for a day full of healthy fun! Take the apples, berries, peaches home and cook something with it! They’ll be thrilled to brag about their day of fun to their parents.


10. Miniature golf. Miniature golf courses are an inexpensive and easy way to get the kids out of the house and keep them entertained for the afternoon. Similar to board games and cards, no matter how good you really are at miniature golf, always let the little ones win! Click here to see other ideas for other budget-friendly activities to do with the kids.