Why A Personal Trainer Is Better Than A BFF

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OK, so maybe you don't have to pay your best friend to hang out with you, but it's worth dishing out the dough for a certified personal trainer. The first thought you're having is, "Personal trainers are too expensive." Ask or shop around and you'll find gym memberships are really expensive, too — especially when you pay for them but never go. Diabetes, arthritis, obesity, injury, high blood pressure, heart disease, asthma, even pregnancy and other conditions are not reasons for you to stop exercising. A personal trainer knows how to help you safely reach your goals without compromising your health. What's more? They want it just as badly as you do.

Stand up your trainer and prepare for endless burpees. You can run late when you're meeting with girlfriends, but when you set an appointment with your trainer, you better be on the early side every time. This push for punctuality is to your benefit. If you're late, you're still paying them for the time, but you spend less of it with him or her. Perhaps 100 burpees or 10 minutes of uphill sprints will encourage you to set your clock back a few minutes. It's tough love (although they probably won't be yelling at you with a megaphone).


When you want something, but don't know how to get it, hire a trainer. You want to lose weight, start a routine, learn how to work a barbell, improve your cardio endurance, train for a 5K, tone your thighs when you have bad knees, strengthen your core postpartum and so on forever and ever. A trainer will show you what you need to do. Maybe all you need is a session or two to jumpstart your routine. Tap into those resources, friend!

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You ate what?! It's not all about exercise. Your trainer wants to know what you've been putting into your body for fuel. They want to know why you're sucking wind today when last week you were killing it. You might be asked to keep a food diary (and they can show you how to do that), and some trainers are also certified to help you with nutrition. You know your girlfriends won't smack your hand when you reach for that piece of cheesecake. Now, is that a real friend?

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"Just calling to see how you're doing." A good trainer will check in with you or schedule review sessions to see how things are going. This helps them plan out agendas for you, knowing if it's time to shift focus to more weight or higher bursts of cardio — to switch up the time or incorporate new equipment. These reviews are all about you. There's no gossip to share or favors to be asked.

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You've been doing pushups wrong your entire life. It's like a really bad game of telephone. You see one person show you how to do a pushup and you try your best to emulate it, but come up with something a little more your style. Your girlfriends all do pushups slightly different than you. You begin to wonder how something so simple could be so misconstrued. Your personal trainer will set you straight. Open your eyes to the truth! And then, boom, you're seeing results. That's a good friend.

Live your life with purpose, not chaos. Now we're getting deep. When you have a trainer designing your workouts for you, upping the game each week and setting goals for you (goals you want, too), you learn efficiency. You make sure you're getting enough sleep, scheduling your commitments around training sessions or vice versa, eating properly, moving more and viewing your couch as the sticky anchor it is. When your trainer has high expectations of you, you begin to have them for yourself in all aspects of life.

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