No Time to Plan? This Is How You Wing a Workout

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Group fitness classes and personal trainers are awesome for pre-programming your workouts. All you have to do is show up! It gets a little tough when you actually have to plan your own workout. When you have a window of time to workout, use what you have at your fingertips and make the most of it.

STAR Method

You want your workout to feel awesome and efficient. Even though you didn't have time to plan, you can throw together a workout within a couple of minutes. Use the STAR method to set up and quickly get started!

Structure: Set up a structure first, whether it's counting reps or timing yourself. Pick a number, like 10 or 20 and stick to it for every single exercise. Same goes for the timing option; if you pick 60 seconds, you better work the entire minute! Select your rests so you have a break to look forward to instead of giving up early.

Target: Pick a target area or go for a total body session. If you want to work the legs and booty, give yourself three to four exercises and rotate through them. The same goes for the core: try three to four exercises (or lucky number seven) using your selected number of reps or time.

Ability: Know what you can handle and how much you're trying to push yourself. Lighter workouts will include fewer reps, lighter weights, longer rests or very basic exercises. As you increase the intensity, you'll increase the reps and weights while shortening your breaks. You can even try starting slow or light the first round and going back in for a more intense second round. You decide! Not sure how much you should lift? Check out this guide.

Repeat: If you have more time and energy to give after the workout, go through it a second time or pick your favorite exercises to repeat. Workouts should always be enjoyable!

The only way you'll find out what was too little or too much is by trying it. Listen to your body and adjust as needed. You'll get better at winging these things with every workout! Be sure to check out the fitness index to get inspired. One of the best examples is the Ultimate Playground Workout. Get creative on the playground equipment and use your surroundings. Check out Real Mom Model Amanda Strong demo moves on swings, ladders, monkey bars, benches and curbs:

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