Grandma Knows Best: 11 Home Remedies for Common Problems

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Grandma knows best, especially when it comes to home remedies for nearly every ailment, illness or issue imaginable. Some of her methods may sound a little crazy, but she’s been keeping herself and her family healthy and beautiful for many years, so we’ll always take her word for it. Here are some tried and true home remedies you’ll need to keep handy for the future.

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1. Hiccups: After Grandma tells a joke and makes you laugh until you cry, you might develop a case of the hiccups. For this, try drinking water upside down — no handstands required. Just hold the far edge of a half glass of water between your lips, then bend forward at your waist. In this position, slowly pour the water into your mouth so that it hits the top of your mouth and drink a few sips before standing up.

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2. Headaches: If you’re a mom, chances are you’re stressed and may develop a headache. Most headaches are caused by tension after you clench your jaw and teeth too tightly, straining the muscle that connects your jaw and temple. To relieve this pressure, put a pencil between your teeth but don’t bite. Concentrating on this will relax your jaw muscle, helping the pain subside.

3. Cold symptoms: When you’re not feeling too hot, nothing can make you feel better as well as Grandma’s magical chicken noodle soup. But if that’s not an option, the next best thing may be to sip homemade ginger tea mixed with honey. Ginger is a cough suppressant with anti-inflammatory and cleansing properties, and honey soothes throat soreness.

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4. Breakouts: It never fails that a day or two before a special occasion, an acne army appears. While it can be a bit messy, honey works wonders for curing breakouts when it’s applied directly to problem areas. If you’re looking for a quick fix overnight, smooth organic, fresh honey over your acne and place a bandage over it as you sleep. If you’re looking for a more recurring solution, simply apply raw honey to your trouble spots for 30 minutes, then rinse with warm, then cold water.

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5. Heal cracked winter skin. Why did Grandma always have a massive amount of oats at her house? Because it wasn’t just for breakfast! Oatmeal can soothe skin and will also calm inflamed or itchy dry patches. Place whole oats in a clean, dry sock, then seal it with a rubber band. Put the sock in a warm bath and soak yourself for about 20 minutes during the winter months to keep your skin soft and healthy! (via Prevention)

6. Prevent wrinkles. Grandmas have had a long time to perfect their beauty regimens and one of their secrets to youthful, wrinkle-free skin requires no products or masks at all. To prevent wrinkles, try your best to sleep on your sides or back as stomach sleeping pulls your face and creates lines. If you can’t seem to kick the habit, try buying softer silk or satins sheets and pillowcases that will tug a bit less.

7. Period cramps: Although we sometimes concede to popping pain relievers for relief from cramps, nothing beats the feel of a heating pad. The warm sensation against your lower stomach reduces muscle spasms that cause your painful cramps. If you don’t have a heating pad or are away from home, a hot water bottle can also provide relief!

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8. Insomnia: For those nights when you just can’t seem to get some sleep, try eating a handful of cherries. They’re full of melatonin — the hormone created by your body to help you relax and drift off. You may also find a hot bath with lavender oil to be soothing and sleep-inducing. (via Prevention)

9. Foot cramps: For a charley horse that just won’t let up, you may find some relief by breaking out a tennis ball. Depending on what’s ailing you, focus on the arch, heel or toes using this self-massage guide to stretch and sooth the tendons in your feet. To cool throbbing feet, place your tennis ball in the freezer before your mini massage or use a frozen water bottle.

10. Bug bites: For itchy, swollen bug bites, try mixing equal parts skim milk and water, then dip a thin cloth into the mixture. Dab it on your broken skin to feel relief from itching and promote faster healing! While this is a Grandma favorite remedy, it's also praised by doctors like Neal Shultz, M.D., according to Women's Health.

11. Removing splinters: This proves that Grandma's got a cure for it all. If you've got a pesky, painful splinter that's partially out of your skin, just grab some non-toxic glue and cover the splinter. Wait for the glue to dry, then peel it off in one pull. The splinter should come out and stick to the dried glue, or at least remove it enough that it can be easily pulled from the skin!