Do You Need Snap, Crack and Pop Relief Treatment?

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You might already have conclusions on chiropractors, but the practice is becoming more and more popular. The most common ailment is back pain; in fact, 31 million Americans report back pain each year. Chiropractic care is an alternative to other therapies and sometimes surgeries, giving the body a chance to heal on its own. It's literally a hands-on approach to recovery and pain relief.

Before seeing a chiropractor, be sure your pain is not due to slipped or herniated disks or other possible injuries. Chiropractors are equipped to handle soreness, misalignment, inflammation and most musculoskeletal issues. They will use force with their hands to relieve tension, perform assisted stretches and manipulate the body. It might be slightly uncomfortable at times, but never painful.

Acute pain is usually relieved with the help of chiropractic adjustments. This type of pain is brought on by sudden trauma, like a twist or strain when moving heavy objects or muscle tension from a car accident. Adjustments can provide you with temporary relief to get back to your normal routine. Click here to see 14 ways you're killing your back.

Chronic back pain is often associated with posture issues, obesity, genetics, lifestyle (texting too much?), lifting form, diseases or infections, poor bone density and more. Depending on the cause, chiropractor care could be an excellent complement to your therapy or treatment. You can always check with your doctor first, but you do not need a referral.

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You can expect temporary relief from adjustments and treatments, scheduling them a few times a month to a few times a week, at most. Chiropractic care is not seen as a one-time stop, but an on-going approach to recovery.

Pregnancy and children

Pregnancy can give a mom-to-be some pretty intense hip and back discomfort. Check out the options near you and look for a chiropractor with specific accreditations: DACCP, CACCP, ICPA member or Webster certified. The chiropractor is trained to adjust around your growing belly without applying pressure to your abdomen. Many women experience lordosis, which is an emphasized curve of the lower back due to all the weight out front. Ouch. Your posture and skeletal system will shift as the muscles relax, so it's normal for pregnant women to seek tension relief with adjustments. The American Pregnancy Association backs reports of chiropractic care providing healthier pregnancies, reduction of nausea and even a lowered risk of Caesareans.


Massage therapy is often accompanied by adjustments and most chiropractor offices have an in-house therapist who is often covered by insurance!

Babies and children have been patients of chiropractors before, due to their quickly developing and growing musculoskeletal systems. Infants are more likely to be taken for reflux, colic, ear infections and other internal issues. Now, this is clearly a parent's choice, based on research and pediatric guidance. Growing toddlers and school-aged children often experience growing pains, or sometimes basic wellness care. There are several studies showing opposing conclusions (begin with this article here), so it's important for a parent to draw his or her own, but know that the option is out there.

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