Crossover Plank

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Move Targets: Core


Step 1: Come into your high plank with your shoulders over the wrists, fingers forward and spread. Bring the feet together and zip up the inner thighs to help you streamline the body: legs, hips, back and chest in a straight line. Be prepared to move to the side.


Step 2: Cross one hand in front of the other as you move the entire body over to that side. Step one leg out wider to support your shift.


Step 3: Uncross the arms and return to the high plank by bringing the feet together again.


Step 4: Drop one elbow down without opening the hips up to the side. You can spread your feet here if needed.


Step 5: Drop the other elbow down until you're in a low plank. Make sure the elbows are straight under the shoulders and you squeezing the lats to create a nice, hollow space under the armpits. This will allow for the lats and core to hold the position rather than cramming the tension into your shoulders.


Step 6: Reverse the drop to return to your high plank. Cross the other arm in front to perform the exercise in the opposite direction. You can always do this exercise on your knees so long as you control the hips.


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